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‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Household Suffers First Broken Bone

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Just when Adam and Danielle Busby were pretty sure they were done with “firsts of firsts,” their household experienced their first broken bone. Which one of Adam and Danielle Busby’s children broke a bone? How did the injury happen? Fortunately, the OutDaughtered family documented the entire ordeal in a ten-minute video for YouTube. Scroll down for the details and to check out the video.

OutDaughtered: Busby household suffers first broken bone

The 10-minute video kicks off with Adam Busby explaining what happened and how he managed to capture shocking footage of Blayke Busby breaking her arm. Blayke just arrived home from school, she put her backpack down, and she wanted to do some tumbles. She encouraged her father to watch. Adam decided to pull out his phone and record her doing tumbles. Blayke Busby tumbled about three times before appearing to land wrong on her arm. She curled in a ball holding onto her injured arm.

To Adam, Danielle, and several others who watched the video, it did not appear to be serious. The TLC couple decided to put the injury on ice for a few days. The injury happened last Friday and she told her daughter they would go to the doctor if it still hurt on Monday. While both parents thought she was getting better, the injury was still causing her pain. So, they took her to the doctor.

OutDaughtered - Danielle - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Danielle – YouTube

After getting an x-ray done, the doctor zoomed in on the x-ray to show both Blayke and her mother where the small break on a bone in her arm was. The medical staff was all in agreement it wasn’t too serious of a break. She, however, would need to wear a cast for a little while. Relief and happiness washed over Blayke’s face as a temporary brace was placed on her arm. Fans assumed the brace likely provided some relief for the pain. Likewise, Blayke had a serious “I told you so moment” with her parents regarding her pain.

Breaking the news to Adam Busby

After leaving the doctor’s office, Blayke and her mother walked to the car which was parked in a parking garage. Blayke Busby immediately FaceTimed her father. Initially, she wanted him to guess what the outcome of the appointment was. With the conversation not going the way she wanted, Blayke decided to just inform her father that she broke her very first bone.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

Adam Busby was surprised to learn the bone was broken. He explained that he had broken bones before and Blayke just wasn’t treating her arm or wrist in a way that one would expect of someone with a broken bone.

The video concluded with Adam Busby telling the quints that their big sister had been injured. Unsurprisingly, the quints had a lot of questions about Blayke and her broken arm.

Check out the video documenting the first broken bone in the Busby household down below:

Does it surprise you to learn the Busby household has made it this far without a broken bone? Which one of Adam and Danielle Busby’s children did you think would be the first to break a bone? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Busby news.

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