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‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Gives Epic Response To Judgy Fans

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Adam Busby revealed he feels like Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in The Matrix when it comes to Instagram parent shamers. The unfortunate truth is neither Adam nor his wife Danielle can post photos or videos on Instagram without parent-shaming trolls rearing their heads in the comments. In a recent Instagram Stories post, Adam poked fun at how exhausting it was to dodge the opinions everyone had on how he should be raising his six beautiful little girls.

As TvShowsAce has reported, Adam Busby and his wife Danielle are no strangers to parent-shaming trolls. Danielle Busby doesn’t make a habit of responding to negative comments. Her husband Adam, however, seems to have a little less restraint. The TLC personality often fires right back at Instagram trolls with the exact same energy they approached him with.

Adam Busby Youtube
Adam Busby Youtube

As TvShowsAce has also reported, Adam and Danielle Busby also constantly find themselves getting heat for playing favorites with their daughters. Both parents often get accused of giving Hazel way more attention than her sisters. Likewise, Adam and Danielle also catch heat for not giving Blayke as much attention as the quints. Adam Busby has openly admitted on social media it is exhausting to deal with the constant accusations of favoritism. The TLC star admits that he loves all of his girls equally.

Adam Busby tells OutDaughtered fans the girls are in control

The TLC star shared a photo of Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in The Matrix. Adam Busby added a caption to the photo jesting that this snap was how he felt about the opinions he got from OutDaughtered fans about how he should be taking care of his children. At the end of the day, Adam Busby wants everyone to know these are his girls, and only he and his wife Danielle can decide how to raise them. While the couple has never admitted to being perfect, they want fans to know they will ask for help if they need it.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Adam Busby has previously told OutDaughtered fans that the girls are in control of their time on the screen. So, one of his daughters appearing on his Instagram more than the others could simply be because she’s the only one willing to let mommy or daddy take photos or make videos. Adam has expressed more than a few times that he won’t force any of his girls to be in front of a camera if they don’t want to be.

Do you think it is exhausting to deal with all of the parenting advice Adam Busby gets from fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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