’OutDaughtered’: Aunt KiKi Steals Show In Hot Orange Pants

Crystal Mills, Aunt KiKi, from TLC

OutDaughtered fans know how much Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi Mills value exercise and fitness. Fans can often catch them up to something new and exciting while staying active. And recently, Aunt KiKi revealed she had a very interesting look going on when she went to CrossFit.

It’s fall — even in Texas where the OutDaughtered family lives. And it seems that Crystal Mills showed off her fall spirit, even if she didn’t really intend to. Keep reading to see what she wore to an exercise session.

Aunt KiKi shows up to CrossFit dressed for the fall season

Fans may love Crystal Mills, but her husband Dale loves her too. They’re always sharing sweet photos of their outings with family and friends.

And above all else, the family really enjoys going to see the Texans play. Considering how active Crystal and Dale Mills are, it’s not really surprising.

Crystal Mills, Aunt KiKi, from Instagram
Crystal Mills/Instagram

After showing off for fans on her power walk, Aunt KiKi is sharing a new look with her followers. And this time, it’s very festive.

“One of my friends from CrossFit said I looked like a pumpkin dressed like this,” the TLC star captioned her Instagram stories photo. “#halloweenspirit”

In the image, Aunt KiKi is wearing a bright green tank top with a pair of orange pants. Since the photo was just an Instagram story, fans can’t leave comments. However, many would likely agree that Aunt KiKi’s outfit is fitting with the current season!

Crystal Mills, Aunt KiKi, from Instagram
Crystal Mills/Instagram

Do you think Aunt KiKi resembles a pumpkin more than a CrossFit exerciser? Be sure to let everyone know what you think in the comments. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas!

Is TLC gearing up to make an official announcement?

Many OutDaughtered fans feel like it’s been ages since they’ve seen Aunt KiKi, Uncle Dale, or the Busbys on their television screens. Will TLC put out new episodes of the show any time soon?

Most fans already know that the Busbys opted to stop filming when the pandemic began. Their lives and schedules just became too hectic — on top of the ongoing global health emergency. But Adam Busby recently teased that filming might have picked up again. Fans really want the family to be healthy and well for filming, but they really want to see new content too. Keep an eye out for more information on new seasons of OutDaughtered. TLC could be preparing to make an official announcement before the year is over.

Don’t forget to follow TV Shows Ace online. Stay tuned for more on Aunt KiKi, Uncle Dale, and the rest of the Busby clan. There will be more information to share about the family soon, so keep checking back.

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