Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi Still Smiling After All These Years: See Pic

Dale Mills and Crystal Mills from Instagram

Most OutDaughtered fans absolutely love Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki Mills. Adam and Danielle Busby may be the quints’ parents, but the Millses play a pretty active role in raising the girls too. After all, it takes a village to raise children. Especially when the village has so many little girls running around.

Dale and Crystal have two children of their own. Their online followers can clearly see how happy they all are together. But how does the couple keep their romance alive through all of life’s challenges and hurdles?

Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi make time for themselves

Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi definitely enjoy spending time with the family. But once in a while, they just need to take some time for themselves too. After all, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little break from the kids now and then.

Dale Mills and Crystal Mills and family from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

Fans can clearly see how much the Millses love each other. And it seems like the secret to happiness involves a lot of quality time with one another. Dale recently uploaded a sweet photo of himself and Crystal spending some one-on-one time.

“Night out with my Kiki! After all these years, she’s still my number 1! #loveyaboo,” Uncle Dale captioned the sweet photo of himself and his adoring wife.

Dale Mills and Crystal Mills from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

Plenty of fans left comments on the photo showing their support for the couple.

“Watching the show now. Absolutely love you both on it. Wish I had family like you. ❤” wrote one follower.

Ohhh that’s is so sweet. You make a lovely couple 😍” someone else chimed in. 

What do you think about Dale and KiKi’s love after all these years? Fans hope they have a long, happy life ahead of them. Don’t forget to share your own ideas in the comments!

The Mills family bands together after a tragic loss

Although Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi are all smiles on their date night, the family recently suffered a devastating loss. Online, the couple shared that the family dog, Kobe, passed away. The death of a pet is always tragic, but many fans felt like they knew Kobe too. The Millses always posted photos of the curly white pup on their Instagram pages.

Dale Mills Instagram, OutDaughtered
Dale Mills/Instagram

Over the summer, Crystal revealed that she took Kobe to the vet for an emergency. At the time, it seemed like he would recover. It’s not immediately clear if Kobe’s death was related to the emergency vet visit or not. Either way, fans wish the Mills family the best during this difficult chapter in their lives.

Stay tuned for the latest information on Uncle Dale, Aunt KiKi, and the rest of the OutDaughtered crew. You won’t want to miss out on the latest story!
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