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Adam Busby Captures Shocking Footage: Blayke Breaks Arm

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Adam Busby stunned even himself when he captured shocking footage of Blayke breaking her arm on camera. The OutDaughtered father explained that he just happened to pull out his phone and record his oldest daughter performing some tumbles. Blayke did about three tumbles before crashing to the ground. She curled up into a bit of a ball and appeared to be favoring her wrist.

Adam admits in the YouTube video that he wasn’t really sure what to make of what happened. Best guess, Danielle and Adam assumed Blayke may have sprained or strained something by bending her wrist or hand too far. So, they decided to put ice on it and have her take it easy for a few days.

Blayke Busby - YouTube
Blayke Busby – YouTube

Danielle and Adam were hopeful that nothing too serious was wrong because Blayke seemed to be getting more and more movement back into her wrist every day. Likewise, Adam noted there was never any concerning discoloration or swelling.

Zooming in on the moment the injury happened, Adam pointed out that they were all a bit flabbergasted as nothing too serious looked to have happened.

Tumbling coach reacts to Adam Busby’s shocking footage

In the comments of his shocking video, one OutDaughtered fan explains that they are a tumbling coach. The individual watched the video of Blayke tumbling a few times. They insisted that even as a tumbling coach they wouldn’t have suspected Blayke had broken a bone. So, this fan completely understood why the parents didn’t immediately run off to the doctor for help.

The tumbling coach penned in the comments: “I’m a tumbling coach and I can’t even tell what happened… I would’ve thought her left arm just gave out from exhaustion- I never would’ve guessed that would be a break!”

Adam Busby - YouTube
Adam Busby – YouTube

The comment from the tumbling coach was liked over a dozen times suggesting other OutDaughtered fans agree that it appeared as if Blayke’s arm just gave out. Having the video to show fans what happened really helped them to understand why Blayke wasn’t immediately rushed to the doctor.

Overall, most fans took the time to thank Adam and Danielle Busby for being kind enough to share this shocking footage with them. Moreover, fans appreciated getting to go on the journey to get answers with Blayke.

Check out the shocking footage of the moment she got injured in the video:

What do you think about this shocking footage that Adam Busby captured? Does it look like Blayke Busby broke her arm in the video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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