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Todd Chrisley Dead In Car Accident: Family Reacts To Hoax

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About a month ago, a headline reading “Todd Chrisley dead in car accident” shook fans to their core. Without looking beyond the headline and the terrifying photosChrisley Knows Best fans were gutted. Was Todd Chrisley really dead?

Actually watching the videos with these headlines, details were given about the car accident. The videos detailed the injuries Todd suffered and even cited credible sources. The original video where the headline was that Todd Chrisley was dead in a car accident even cited TMZ as a source. The video claimed TMZ published the details of the accident report. Through the video, several additional sources were mentioned. Likewise, the video claimed Julie issued a statement about her husband’s condition prior to his passing.

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley Youtube

Now, a YouTuber named Backwoods Barbi caught wind of the story that Todd Chrisley was dead in a car accident after a few of her followers asked her to look into it. The YouTuber clarified this particular headline claiming he was dead wasn’t clickbait. It was just a flat-out lie.

During this week’s episode of Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast Coffee Convos, the Chrisley family admitted they caught wind of the story that Todd Chrisley was dead following a horrific car accident. How did they react to this ridiculous hoax?

Todd Chrisley dead in car accident: Hoax debunked

As Backwoods Barbi points out, the headline of the video claims that Todd Chrisley was dead. The headline alleges that Todd died on the way to the hospital following the car accident. The video, however, proceeds to show a botched photo claiming to be Todd in the hospital. Likewise, the video proceeds to detail Todd’s injuries and claimed Julie was relieved when the doctors told her he was out of the woods. Check out the bizarre photo:

YouTube - Todd Chrisley
YouTube – Todd Chrisley

The headline pulled people in claiming Todd Chrisley was dead. The actual video, however, never once says Todd was dead. In fact, the video claimed he was on the mend in the hospital with serious injuries.

The biggest issue with any of this story being true is simply the fact that no one ever issued a statement confirming his death or the car accident/his hospitalization.

Family reacts to ridiculous rumors

Todd, his wife Julie, and his daughters Savannah and Lindsie Chrisley came together on Coffee Convos. They opened up about the fact that they live in a world where people pay entirely too much attention to everything they say and do. Likewise, they encouraged Chrisley Knows Best fans to stop believing everything they see on the internet about the family.

One of Todd’s daughters jokingly chimed in to admit they read he died in a car accident on Instagram recently. Todd gasped before scoffing at how ridiculous the death hoax was and wondering how started such a ridiculous rumor.

Todd And Julie Chrisley YouTube

As those who tuned in to the massive Chrisley podcast crossover this week know, Todd Chrisley is very much alive. He did not die in a car accident.

Unsurprisingly, fans were relieved to learn this was one giant hoax and that Todd Chrisley was not dead.

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  1. I love the crisleys family they are a down to earth Christian family and they are funny as heck,I’m so relieved that this was a lie,and I myself can’t stand liers especially just for money so plz keep the show going cause I and everyone else needs a laugh and direction on how to raise and dicapline children nowadays. Again thank you God that it was a hoax

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