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Fans Livid Over ‘Growing Up Chrisley’ Annoying Change

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While Growing Up Chrisley fans absolutely adore Todd and his children, they are having a really hard time watching the current season of the show. After the series was shifted to the E! network, there was a major change to the format of the episodes of the show. All fans are pretty much in agreement the major change made to Growing Up Chrisley was NOT for the better. In fact, some fans are threatening not to watch the show until E! undoes the change as it is ruining the whole show and making it impossible to watch.

What happened to Growing Up Chrisley exactly that has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details

Major change on Growing Up Chrisley upsets fans

A quick scroll through the comments of the Instagram page dedicated to Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley reveals the same thing. Fans HATE this season of Growing Up Chrisley. For those who haven’t seen the new season yet, there was a massive change to the format of the show that fans argue is making it unwatchable.

This major change involves bizarre narration from a woman during episodes of the show. The narration, however, isn’t consistent throughout the entirety of each episode. The narration is more of a commentary on the train of thought of the woman who is speaking.

Growing Up Chrisley - YouTube
Growing Up Chrisley – YouTube

In response to the narration, furious fans have taken to the comments of everything posted on the official Instagram page for Growing Up Chrisley to make it clear how much they hate this change. Some fans have gone as far as to say that they’ve given up on watching the show because of if. Here’s what frustrated fans are saying:

  • “Yes how do we edit the rest of the episodes without that narrator .. listen to what the audience is saying E! We want to voiceover to go away.. it makes me personally not excited to watch it anymore and I used to look forward to this show. It makes it so hard to get through.”
  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand that narrator. It’s horrible and unneeded. I try to watch because I love Chase but think I’m done. Hopefully next season, no narrator!”
  • “We don’t like commentary, it needs to go please.”
  • “Will there still be a commentary in this episode? I had to turn off the last episode because I did not like the commentary. Normally I love the show!”

Fans beg the network to listen

Many of the comments from fans admit they are relieved to see so many other comments saying the same thing about the commentary. A few fans added that if the network refused to let the commentary go, they at least needed to recruit Todd or Nanny Faye to be who is doing the voiceover to make it more bearable.

Growing Up Chrisley - YouTube
Growing Up Chrisley – YouTube

Overall, it appears as if Growing Up Chrisley is losing viewers over this commentary. Fans can only hope the network will listen to their cries for change.

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  1. The new change in Growing up Chrisley RUINS the whole show. Will not be watching any more episodes. The voice over is obnoxious.

  2. I can’t stand the narration!! I love this show but this is making it extremely annoying. It’s like nails on a chalkboard!! Please make it stop.

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