Aunt KiKi & Uncle Dale Mills’ Throwback Photo Stuns Fans

Aunt Kiki Mills, Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

Beloved OutDaughtered family members Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills hopped on social media this week to share a throwback photo with fans. In response, fans are completely stunned. They can’t believe how much the Mills family has changed since the picture was taken. Keep reading for all of the details and to go back in time with this photo of KiKi and Dale.

Below, you can see a picture of Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills’ family just a couple of months ago. This is probably how you remember them if you follow them on social media or if you have watched them on OutDaughtered. 

Aunt Kiki Mills, Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills drops a shocking throwback on fans

In a new Instagram post this week, Dale shared a new photo with fans. It’s one that fans haven’t seen before. In the snap, Dale and KiKi are sitting on the front porch. McKenzie is sitting on KiKi’s lap as she wears a pretty purple princess dress and coordinating hair bow. Bronson is just a baby and is in Dale’s arms.

He wrote, “Found this throwback from 10 years ago. Look how young we all were. Ha!”

Then, he pointed out KiKi’s bob. You can check out the photo below.

Aunt Kiki Mills, Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

In his post, Uncle Dale Mills said the photo was 10 years old. However, it looks like it’s not actually quite that old. McKenzie celebrated her 12th birthday a couple of months ago but looks a bit older than two years old in the throwback photo. Bronson will turn 10 in November, so if this photo was truly 10 years old, he wouldn’t have made it in the picture.

OutDaughtered fans react to the Mills family’s old photo

In the comments section of Uncle Dale Mills’ new Instagram post, he’s getting quite a bit of attention from fans. His social media followers were totally surprised by this family photo and can’t believe their eyes.

One of his followers said, “Omgoodness… faces!!!! All of you!! 😂😂😂”

Another fan added, “Y’all have aged well.”

In response, Uncle Dale Mills said, “We’ve had work done! Haha.” With Dale always joking around, it’s hard to know whether the Mills have actually had work done, as he mentioned.

Though Dale, McKenzie, and Bronson have changed, many fans are saying that KiKi hasn’t aged one bit. Though her hair is different these days, she doesn’t look much older.

Aunt KiKi chimed in and said, “My babies!”

So, what do you think of Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills’ throwback photo? Did it surprise you, too? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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