Meri Brown Just Accepts Kody No Longer Loves Her?

Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Youtube

Tonight’s episode of Sister Wives eludes to the fact that Meri Brown has just accepted the fact that Kody doesn’t love her anymore. What did Meri say exactly that has fans thinking she’s just accepted the fact that her husband just doesn’t love her anymore? Keep reading for spoilers on tonight’s new episode of Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Has Meri Brown just accepted Kody doesn’t love her?

Meri Brown admits that as Kody Brown’s first wife, she helped build this family. She’s been there since the very beginning. Meri has had a very hard time accepting that Christine was leaving because she just didn’t think divorce was something you did in a plural marriage because you had so much more to lose than just your husband.

In one scene, Meri explained it had been four weeks since her mother passed away. She was at her B&B. Meri decided to shut the B&B down so she could take some time to mourn the passing of her mother. The TLC start was in a sticky situation. She wasn’t sure what to do. Meri Brown’s mother lived at the B&B. And, she was the one who managed it. How did Meri keep going without her mother? She admitted the B&B just felt empty without her mother there.

Meri Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Meri Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

Shockingly, Kody Brown suggested Meri just move to the B&B and live there for a while. Kody clarified to the cameras that he was not trying to push Meri away. He explained that she approached him and put her problem at his feet. So, her offered a solution he thought would help. Meri Brown didn’t find his solution as helpful because she did NOT want to live at the B&B. She explained that was never why she bought the B&B and that isn’t what she wants.

She says Kody used to love her

Meri Brown admitted it made her feel great saddness to know that Kody assumed she purchased the B&B just to have a place to get away from him. In reality, that wasn’t the case at all. While talking about her past, Meri discussed when Kody Brown used to love her. Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice the emphasis she put on “loved her.” Was this her way if implying that Kody did not currently love her the same way he used to?

Kody Brown - YouTube - TLC
Kody Brown – YouTube – TLC

Meri Brown proceeds to add that everything can be fixed and healed if people want to put the effort into fixing it. Moreover, she refuses to give up on her family the same way Christine has.

Can’t wait until tonight? The new episode of Sister Wives is already available via Discovery+. If you’ve already watched it, let us know if you agree Meri Brown indirectly said she knows Kody doesn’t love her anymore and she just doesn’t care. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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