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Kody Brown: Christine Never Asked To Leave Him & Move Away

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During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown got a bit heated while talking to the cameras during a confessional. The TLC star continues to double down on the core issues he has with Christine stems from the fact that they just don’t communicate. Even in her decision to leave him, move to Utah, and take Truely with her, Kody Brown insists she never bothered to discuss things with him.

In an aggressive tone, Kody Brown tells the cameras that Christine never asked him about moving his stuff to the garage. She never asked him about no longer living in her house and not being in her bedroom. Christine never asked him his thoughts on her leaving, moving away, and taking Truely with her.

Christine - Kody Brown - Youtube
YouTube – TLC

Kody Brown continues to aggressively speak to the camera as he explained he was in a heartbreaking situation where he was never allowed to chime in with his thoughts or opinions on what was going on. He doesn’t want Christine Brown to leave. He doesn’t want her to take Truely. And, he definitely doesn’t want her to move to Flagstaff. Kody, however, felt like Christine shoved him into a corner and put a gag on his mouth so he wasn’t able to voice his wants.

Kody Brown won’t make this mistake with his remaining wives

After Christine Brown finished breaking the news to her sister wives, Kody Brown made a chilling speech. He told Meri, Robyn, and Janelle they would conform to patriarchy and he would be the head of the household again. Kody Brown felt as though his wives had too much power. And, his family was spiraling out of control. The TLC father planned to step into the head of household position and take control of the situation.

Kody Brown - Sister Wives - TLC
Kody Brown – Sister Wives – TLC

Considering the fact that Kody married very strong and independent women, none of them were too happy to listen to him attempt to assert his dominance over them. Sister Wives fans suspected this chilling speech and gross commands were just Kody’s way of trying to lick his wounds after Christine left him.

Do you think Christine Brown needed Kody’s permission to kick him out, leave him, and move away to Flagstaff? Does she even need his permission to take Truely with her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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