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Does Kody Brown Actually Love Robyn?

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Sister Wives fans have long believed that Kody Brown has a strong affinity toward fourth wife, Robyn. Many have even called him out for his blatant favoritism of her and her children. In recent Season 17 episodes, Kody’s third wife Christine outwardly acknowledged that Robyn is the favorite. His second wife, Janelle soon shared that she knows her marriage to Kody will never look like his to Robyn’s. Yet, fans are now starting to wonder if it is his fourth wife that he really loves or if it goes deeper. Is there more to him favoring her? Read on for fan theories as to why he dotes on her over the others.

Does Kody Brown Truly Love Robyn?

When Robyn first popped onto the scene, she was the shiny new toy he was excited to play with. He had been with the same three wives since 1994. Then, sixteen years later, here came Robyn and everything changed. Suddenly, he felt alive and extremely loved again. Since the pandemic hit, he has been almost exclusively living with Robyn. This is mainly because she and her five kids obey all of his rules. A Reddit thread started questioning why he loves Robyn more. Is it actually love or something else?

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The thread opens with the concept of how Robyn started as the thin, young, and good-looking new wife. Now, it seems he thrives off of being able to control her, and she seems to acquiesce. One Redditor added: “Not only does she appease him, but it’s true that you don’t see her “burden” him with her problems. She’s never complaining about her own woes UNLESS it’s what another sister wife is doing to her.”

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Another noted: “It’s always been about her worshiping him and deferring to him. None of the other women act like that and they do what they want. Robyn is the “Keep Sweet” model wife who does what’s expected of her and he eats that up.” One chimed in with: “I think she’s a polygamist “cool girl”—by being submissive, “easy,” obedient, and not “burdening” him with her needs.” So, does Kody love Robyn or the control she gives to him?

The ‘Obedient’ Wife

During the pandemic, the one thing Kody Brown noted was that Robyn was his ‘obedient’ wife. He felt that Janelle and Christine were not listening to his rules whatsoever. They traveled and did whatever they wanted to. However, they maintained that they followed the CDC guidelines so there was no reason for him to worry. Still, he felt much safer being with Robyn and her five kids because they did as they were told. They understood what it meant to be in the family. Now, Christine is gone and he is left with Janelle who he is just a close friend of, and Meri who he would ship off to Utah. Plus, Robyn, his favorite wife.

Do you think Kody Brown really loves Robyn or appreciates that she fawns all over him? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Kody has a favorite aide and it is Robyn hands down. she is his priority and it sboes..miss miss Tiny tears clown all the happy Christine moving and hope that Merri and Janelle follow suit to be free. Each need only 1 man to love them unconditionally whole heaetedly. one to one
    leave Kody to tiny tears Robyn

  2. Kody is controlling manipulative and a Narcissistic person period they all should leave he put his self before his Children it’s all about him

  3. If Kody and Robin really followed Covid guidelines why does he never mention getting vaccinated? wouldn’t that have made more sense than his and Robin’s stupid rules. And he could have gone with his daughter when she had surgery. Why did he want Janelle to kick her grown boys out. But all of Robin’s kids live at home. Kody is a waste of human flesh.

  4. He has always loved Robin more. He is using COVID and quarantine as an excuse. If he was following CDC guidelines then why did he have a nanny coming and going during quarantine. He’s a narcissist. He is using Covid as a way out of his other marriages. Robin is submissive and obeys him and she knows exactly what she’s doing. They suit each other. The other wives should leave and take their kids. He will not miss any of them sadly

  5. Cody changed the moment Robin came into the picture. Robin has always had someone around to take care of her kids.

  6. Cody is a jerk. he and Robin deserve each other. He put’s Robin’s kids before his own biological children.
    What a great dad.

  7. yeah they had a nanny who got COVID that was the funniest thing ever All his stupid rules the pandemic was just an excuse to control everyone And like Christine said why does Robin need a nanny she doesn’t even work hurray for Christine and Good luck with your future u made the right decision and Meri had emotionally left a long time ago

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