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Kody Brown Orders Wives To Bow & Obey Him

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Immediately following Christine Brown making the announcement that she was leaving, Kody Brown gave a chilling power speech of his own geared toward Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. Sister Wives fans agreed that everything about the eerie speech felt uncomfortable including the way he was speaking, his body language, and what he was actually saying.

As fans know, the biggest reason Kody Brown had an issue with Christine leaving is because of the major blow to his ego. From his point of view, Christine leaving made him look weak and like less of a man. Likewise, he worried it made him look like a failure as the husband in a plural marriage of multiple wives.

Following her announcement, Kody insisted that he would go back to being the head of the family. His remaining wives would bow and obey him. They would submit to the patriarchy they signed up for when they agreed to marry him.

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Kody Brown orders wives to bow and obey him

Sister Wives fans have suspected Robyn Brown was the head of the family for a while. Kody Brown, however, insists he’s taken a back seat with the family in an attempt to keep all of his wives happy. He, however, is done taking that approach. It is time for him to go back to being in charge.

I’m gonna be the head of my household again. And so I’m not gonna be circumvented in that. And so, if everybody’s willing to confirm, to patriarchy I guess, because I’ve been fighting to make everybody happy. My bitterness is trying to do that and not having the family that I have thought about and designed.”

Janelle Brown’s body language in the circle made it clear she wasn’t interested in Kody’s power trip in an attempt to lick his wounds after Christine left him. Speaking to producers directly, Janelle shares her real thoughts on Kody’s power trip.

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Janelle tells producers: “Yeah, I didn’t know I had signed up for patriarchy. That’s not what we all agreed on in the very beginning.”

Switching back to Kody, he discounts everything Janelle said to the producers. In fact, he argues that Janelle knew what she was getting into when she agreed to marry him and be a part of his family.

Kody fired back: “Ironically, Janelle did sign up for patriarchy. When her and I made an agreement that she would come into the family she agreed wholeheartedly that she would run her will into mine because I had to be the head of the family. And she made that agreement.”

Kody Brown - Janelle - Sister Wives - Instagram
Kody Brown – Janelle – Sister Wives – Instagram

Janelle Brown’s spontaneous purchase hurt his ego

While it took place during two different family meetings, Janelle Brown added salt to the wounds of Christine leaving by spontaneously purchasing a 5th wheel and committing to the RV life without getting Kody’s input. From Kody Brown’s point of view, this is something she should have discussed with him before jumping the gun.

How do you think Robyn and Meri Brown felt about Kody’s power trip? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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