Kody Brown Fesses Up To Living In Delusional World

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Kody Brown fesses up in a preview for this week’s episode of Sister Wives that he’s living in a delusional world. What kind of fantasy world is swirling around in his head? How does this pretend life he’s dreamed up differ from reality? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown admits he’s living in a delusional world

Toward the very end of the preview clip, Kody Brown admits that he knows he’s living in a delusional world. He explains that in his head, he’s living in a world where Christine Brown isn’t leaving him. He’s living in a world where his family can continue to have these beautiful functions with all four of his wives and his incredible children.

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown acted like he was flabbergasted when he learned that in addition to leaving him, Christine Brown planned to leave Flagstaff as well. Kody Brown flew into a bit of a rage when he heard Christine say she was taking Truely with her and moving to Utah.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Kody argued that they had discussed her wanting to split up. He, however, does not recall them discussing her wanting to leave Flagstaff nor did they talk about her taking Truely away from him. Kody put his foot down noting they would have to share 50/50 custody because she would NOT be taking his child from him.

Talking to the cameras, Christine shrugged off the encounter noting that if Kody wanted 50/50 with Truely he could have been getting it this entire time. It, however, was never something he wanted. Moreover, Christine wanted to make sure it was clear Kody would NOT be taking Truely from her.

Christine Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Christine Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

Sister Wives fans want Kody to grow up

Fans of Sister Wives can’t understand why Kody is fighting so hard to hold on to Christine. Kody Brown made it clear he didn’t want to have an intimate relationship with Christine. He implied he was no longer attracted to her. Moreover, he admitted that he married her because he felt pressured to do so and not because he really wanted to. According to Kody, he learned to love her AFTER they got married.

Overall, fans can’t help but wonder if Kody Brown actually fought this hard to hold on to Christine. Or, if he was just putting on a show for the cameras.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

Does it surprise you to hear Kody Brown admit that he’s a bit delusional? Why do you think he is fighting so hard to keep Christine around? Did this break-up drama really happen or do you think this is scripted by the network? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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