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Is The Meri Brown Fans See On ‘Sister Wives’ Just A Persona?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown tends to look weak and needy on the show. She has been called desperate and fans often wonder why she stays in a completely loveless marriage. When Kody and Christine were having their big talk, he brought up his marriage to Meri. Hands down, his former third wife did not want a relationship like that. Yet, fans cannot help but wonder if Kody’s first wife actually has two sides. Does she have her TLC persona and then a not-so-nice side? Read on for why they believe this.

Is Meri Brown Playing A Role On Sister Wives?

Meri will take table scraps from Kody on television. She gets excited when he calls her or shows a little bit of interest in her. Yet, the two do not have a romantic marriage in the slightest. However, when they are not filming, Meri is off having adventures and traveling to places like Mexico with her friends. This led to a Reddit thread starting over Meri. Why is she around, first off? Obviously, fans believe it is because she is making a lot of money with her businesses. Then it quickly shifted to the different sides of Meri.

Meri Brown/YouTube

A fan pointed out that she is only really in Flagstaff for filming. They added the possibility that she is not around much because Kody does not want her to be. She cries so much about wanting to be in the family yet other Redditors started to chime in on a darker Meri. “She blocked me from her Instagram because I liked a comment that said she was jealous of Christine,” one noted. Another added: “I got blocked for liking a comment where someone said they liked her hair. It was a sincere comment, but I guess she assumed it was sarcastic and she gave us the boot.”

Meri Brown/YouTube

Someone else shared: “Meri trolls fans…for a while she posted selfies with a guy friend, do ambiguous posts on life lessons, etc. it’s all to keep the TLC paychecks and MLM money flowing in.” That does not seem very kind or welcoming. It actually shocked a few on the thread who had no idea she was capable of being so rude.

Another Side Of The Sister Wife

There is also Meri Brown who loves to travel and has her hardcore LuLaRoe crew. They just went to Mexico and had a great time where she soaked up the sun. So, it seems that Meri is trying to find out who she is just as much as her fans are. However, blocking people just for simple comments or questions is not the way to live life. Maybe one day, fans will know the real Meri.

Do you think Meri Brown keeps up an on-screen persona? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. I believe TLC tells them how to act talk for ratings. none of the women involved are weak. they all supported themselves from day 1.they all have businesses of their own and making their own money. kody doesn’t even support his children money or moral.

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