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Pat Sajak Reacts Inappropriately To ‘WOF’ Contestant’s Sad Loss

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Wheel of Fortune (WOF) host Pat Sajak had an odd reaction to a contestant who opened up about a sad loss. Rather than empathizing with the contestant, he laughed it off. Keep reading for all of the details about Pat’s inappropriate response.

Wheel of Fortune host makes multiple blunders

Recently, Wheel of Fortune viewers have been picking up on a number of Pat’s mistakes. As TV Shows Ace has reported, the longtime host mocked a contestant on the show. In another episode, he trolled a contestant over a choice they made.

Fans have been wondering what’s going on with the 75-year-old that he’s making such odd comments and making fun of contestants like this.

Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, YouTube

Now, there has been another mishap on the game show. This time, Pat had a strange response as a contestant shared some upsetting information.

Pat Sajak has amiss reaction to contestant’s misfortune

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, Pat was introducing the contestants as he always does. While chatting with a young man named Jesse, he learned that the contestant recently was a victim of theft.

Jesse shared with Pat Sajak that he’s a musician and that he composes a lot of music. However, he said, “I had nine guitars, it’s been downgraded due to some… theft, but that’s okay I’ve gotten some new guitars since…”

Rather than apologizing for the loss or empathizing with the contestant, Pat simply laughed at this information.

Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, YouTube

Then, Pat Sajak attempted to make it better by speaking to viewers and saying, “If you stole Jesse’s guitars, please bring it back.” He told Jesse that he did what he could to remedy the loss of his guitars.

In response, Jesse said he appreciated the gesture. Overall, it was an awkward moment between the host and contestant.

Below, you can see a photo of the contestant, Jesse. Fortunately, he walked away with an incredible prize of more than $66,000 and a brand-new Ford. So, he’s not doing poorly now and has a good amount of money to upgrade his musical instruments if he wants to do so.

Wheel of Fortune, YouTube

So, what do you think of Pat Sajak’s reaction to the WOF contestant’s sad loss? Were you surprised to see this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Wheel of FortuneBelow, you can watch a YouTube video of the mentioned episode.

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