Things Get Wet & Wild On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

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After Jeopardy! used a seemingly NSFW clue in one of its Season 39 episodes in the Final Jeopardy round, it is now Wheel Of Fortune that is on the fans’ radar. On the Wednesday episode of Wheel Of Fortune, things got wild after fans got to see a not-so-appropriate clue from the host Pat Sajak. But that wasn’t the only highlight of the game show!

Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Board Featured An NSFW Clue

A player Tanino was dubbed the ‘best contestant ever’ given his show-stopping move. As per fans, the September 21 episode won’t be forgotten anytime soon. They even talked about how wacky the latest episode was.

Wheel Of Fortune Tanino YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

During the episode, Vanna White stood awkwardly by the new and transformed puzzle board. However, it wasn’t the puzzle board that caught fans’ attention. It was actually the text on the puzzle board that got fans all riled up. The board read, “Warm, Wet, And Wild.”

Sharing this cryptic clue, one fan tweeted, “Ew”.

Another wrote, “LMAO who is writing the #WheelofFortune clues this season?” along with the very same screenshot of the clue.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Weirded-Out By Rare Events In Latest Episode

But this wasn’t the only highlight of the show. During the mid of the game, all three contestants lost all the money they had won which is something rare. Talking about this rare in-game event, one tweeted, “What in the #WheelOfFortune hell is going on tonight.”

“This episode is making my head hurt,” chimed another.

A third fan observed, “I watch Wheel Of Fortune almost every evening. Three bankrupts in a row. That rarely happens.”

Another highlight was when Tanino Primotero, a contestant on the show, won the fanbase with an amazing move & his positive energy. The Arizona resident mentioned that he knows four different languages. As per The Sun, he is also fluent in Italian given his heritage.

Contestant Tanino Solves A Clue Within Seconds

Tanino successfully made it to the bonus round bagging the highest earnings among the three. He was then asked by the host Pat to solve for the clue ‘living thing.’

Pat Sajak Wheel Of Fortune YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

He was given the letter ‘n’ from the first five-letter word while the second ended in ‘ala’. Tanino quickly chimed in with the answer, “Young Koala.”

With a shocked and surprised look, Pat replied, “Yeah, sure!”

This got the contestant and winning bonus of $45K making his total $62K. While Tanino did his victory lap, Pat said, “That was a winding road but we made it!”

Excited and elated Tanino also chimed in, “I’m not that dumb,” surprised at how he could guess the clue in just a split second.

Will Pat Sajak Retire From Wheel Of Fortune?

Pat Sajak has been hosting the Wheel Of Fortune since 1981 while Vanna is doing so since 1982. Given how long their stint has been, Pat hinted during a recent interview that he might retire soon.

Wheel Of Fortune YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

He said, “Years go by fast. We’re getting near the end. It’s been a long [time]. We’re not going to do this for another 40 years. The end is near.”

Do you think Pat Sajak and Vanna should retire now? What did you think of this rare and exciting episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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