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Could Kody Brown Have Done Something To Keep Christine?

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Kody Brown still appears to be shocked that his third wife, Christine is ending their marriage. He also seems quite disappointed that she has taken control and is leaving Flagstaff for Utah. She claims that both she and their youngest daughter Truely feel so much love from their Utah family. Plus, they feel welcomed, something that has been lost over the years in the plural family. Yet, a Reddit thread has been started, questioning if there was a possibility that Kody could have done things differently. If he just changed his ways, might Christine have stayed? Read on for some legitimate fan theories.

Could Kody Brown Have Changed Christine’s Mind?

When Christine and Kody had their big sit down, she was adamant that the marriage was over. The final straw was that he withdrew intimacy from the relationship and she could not live that way. Kody claimed he lost trust in her by the way she treated her sister wives but she knew that was directed at one wife. He clearly favored Robyn over the others so unless Christine was perfect to her, their marriage would continue to be doomed. Yet, was there more he could have done to get Christine to change her mind? After all, he really felt he exhausted all of his options.

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In a Reddit thread, his behavior was addressed and other efforts he could have made were brought up. I wonder if he had made a serious effort at repairing their relationship would Christine have stayed? Or did she just fundamentally realize that polygamy would always be unfulfilling for her no matter how Kody was as a husband?” the thread started. The idea of him being more genuine was a common idea throughout it, as well.

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Many agreed that there was a time, maybe in Vegas, that a sincere apology would have worked. Yet by Flagstaff, her mind was made up. They also felt his disregard for Ysabel’s serious scoliosis surgery further pushed Christine away. Finally, a Redditor added this: “He’s aware of bad publicity. Any remorse he’s displaying is for show and he’s probably reading off Robyn’s script to lose some of the hate they’re getting.”

How Will It All Work?

Kody Brown still is not making a big effort to show he cares in regard to their daughter, Truely. Though he put up a fit over getting 50/50 custody, he does not appear to be with her. In terms of being a family, Christine has maintained a close relationship with her former second wife, Janelle. They even work together, promoting Plexus along with their daughters Maddie and Mykelti. Christine has a very freeing life and is noticeably glowing. So no matter what Kody may have tried to say, her freedom and dignity seemed to surpass all of that.

Do you think Kody Brown could have gotten Christine to stay? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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