Teddi Wright Leaves Cryptic Message After Leaving ‘BIP’

Teddi Wright, YouTube

Teddi Wright and Andrew Spencer came to Bachelor in Paradise to meet each other. They built up the relationship in their head and seemed to be solid. Teddi had some doubts that built up with her and she realized she wasn’t being overly affectionate with him.

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon had come to the beach for a romantic getaway with Jared Haibon and was there to dole out advice. Teddi had mentioned during her talk that she wasn’t quite there with Andrew. After Rodney Mathews showed up on the beach, she realized she wasn’t experiencing the strong connection she needed with Andrew. She broke up with him and then went away to cry feeling awful about it. Andrew also was very bummed because he was only feeling Teddi.

In a move that surprised everyone, Teddi left without telling anyone goodbye. She said she talked to the person she needed to and that was Andrew. She had everyone so confused and Jill Chin, her friend, cried over the fact she had left. When Rodney made his decision he came back to find Teddi and she had left. That was where the third episode of this season left fans waiting.  Fans think something went on that wasn’t just about her relationships. Teddi could be heard telling the producers, “I know you wanted me to find love, but it’s not here, and I want to leave.”

What Did Teddi Wright Say About The Situation?

Now with an Instagram post, Teddi Wright has fans thinking something went down. In her Instagram post, she said she was proud of learning two things. One was sticking to her boundaries when people in authority tried to cross them. The other was, “leaving environments that are cruel to me.”

Teddi Wright, Instagram
Teddi Wright, Instagram

Fans think this meant she stood up to producers somehow and that was why her leaving seemed so abrupt. She ended the post by saying, “excited for this next chapter and what the rest of the year will bring.”

The Instagram account @justintakesthebach picked up on Teddi’s post. He said while she’d not talked about it, he noticed she hadn’t promoted Paradise at all on her Instagram. Justin Adams also thinks she stood up to producers. He said, “good on her.” The account @backtolovedoc said she, “can’t believe how production pushes boundaries.”

Bachelor Nation Supported Her Exit

Jade Roper put hearts on her post. Kendall Long said, “Love that you escaped a toxic situation before it became much worse. Lessons to live by.” Blake Horstmann commented with hand claps. Fans also told her they supported her. One said, “I’m sorry you had a bad experience I hope nothing but the best for you.” Another said they had a feeling something else was the reason she left.

Teddi Wright, YouTube
Teddi Wright, YouTube

What do you think happened to cause her to leave? Comment with your thoughts down below. Tune in for more drama next Monday and Tuesday and come back to TV Shows Ace for all the behind-the-scenes, interviews, and spoilers.

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