Tyra Banks Slams ‘DWTS’ For Not Giving Breaks

Tyra Banks On Live With Kelly & Ryan [Live With Kelly and Ryan | YouTube]

Tyra Banks slammed Dancing with the Stars for not giving breaks. Season 31 of the dancing competition premiered on Disney+ earlier this month. It’s the first time that a live show has streamed on the platform. That means the show comes without breaks since it doesn’t have advertisers.

Tyra opened up about the major change during her interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She revealed why she hates not getting breaks. It’s not because of the lack of costume changes. The real reason why might shock you.

Tyra Banks & Alfonso Robeiro [YouTube]

No commercial breaks prevent costume changes

DWTS fans have been loving the new season so far. Even if that means they have to sit through all two hours of the live show without bathroom breaks. They love it even more now that Tyra Banks can’t do multiple costume changes. The host was notorious for that when she first started out on the show.

At the time, fans slammed Tyra Banks for stealing attention away from the judges and contestants. The former America’s Next Top Model host joined the show during Season 29. Original host Tom Bergeron was fired after he disagreed with producers for casting former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Tyra Banks received criticism for her hosting abilities. To this day, fans still don’t like the way she commands the show. They also criticized her for her interactions with the contestants. In the previous seasons, fans slammed Tyra for her multiple costume changes.

Tyra Banks On Season 29 Of DWTS [YouTube]
Some of her costume choices have been criticized in the past. Fans called her outfits “over-the-top” and “ridiculous.” She became an internet meme during Season 30 when fans claimed one of her outfits looked like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. They also wondered if this was Tyra’s way of becoming the star of the show.

Most of the criticism stemmed from her behavior and outfits. Fans argued that she was disrespecting the contestants by talking over them and making crazy statements. On Monday’s episode of DWTS, Tyra skipped over judge Len Goodman. They haven’t forgotten when she incorrectly announced the bottom two couples in Season 29.

Tyra Banks slams DWTS for making this change

Tyra Banks already received criticism for her hosting on the first two episodes of DWTS Season 31. Still, fans are glad that she can’t do her signature costume changes. Tyra admitted she doesn’t like having any commercial breaks, but it’s not because she can’t change into another outfit. The former model said she can’t drink water because of it.

On Friday’s broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Tyra discussed the show’s move from ABC to Disney+. Host Kelly Ripa asked her if it was two hours without commercial breaks. Ryan Seacrest wanted to know how the new programming format worked. He explained that live shows like American Idol give “4-minute commercial breaks.”

Tyra Banks On Live With Kelly & Ryan [Live With Kelly and Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly and Ryan | YouTube]
“You get nothing. I dehydrate before,” Tyra Banks dramatically said. “You understand? I can’t run to the bathroom. There’s like nothing.”

However, she loves the live format because “crazy crap happens and it just happens and you keep going.” She will remain a trooper for the sake of the shows. What are your thoughts on DWTS not having commercial breaks? Sound off below in the comment section.

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