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‘DWTS’ Viewers DRAG Tyra Banks Online After Onscreen Blunders

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Tyra Banks returned for yet another season of Dancing With The Stars. However, many viewers remain less than thrilled that she’s back. Over the past two seasons, fans developed a rather strong distaste for the supermodel as the show’s new hostess. This year, she has a co-host that will hopefully level her out. But not everyone is convinced that an addition like Alfonso Ribeiro can make Tyra Banks more likable.

The America’s Next Top Model star had a few onscreen blunders during the DWTS Season 31 premiere. Although the mistakes were pretty mild, fans dragged her online. Keep reading to see what fans had to say.

Tyra Banks makes a mistake while reading the leaderboard

Dancing With The Stars always airs new episodes live. And that means that sometimes accidents happen. However, viewers seem to be intent on blaming Tyra Banks whenever onscreen mistakes happen.

Tyra Banks from Instagram
Tyra Banks/Instagram

At one point during the season premiere, Tyra made a mistake when she read the leaderboard wrong. She mistakenly announced that Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart were at the top of the leaderboard when Wayne Brady and Witney Carson were actually in first place at that point.

After incorrectly reading the leaderboard, Tyra put a finger to her earpiece and announced that she received the wrong information. This is actually probably what did happen. After all, the show was live. If it was pre-recorded, there would have been time to edit out mistakes. But fans didn’t love that she seemed to blame the producers for the mistake.

Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro from E!
Tyra Banks & Alfonso Ribeiro/E!

Although this mistake was pretty mild, it wasn’t the first time Tyra Banks made a pretty serious error while hosting DWTS. Few fans can forget back in Season 29 when she incorrectly announced the bottom two couples. Tyra announced that the late Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe were safe when they were actually in the bottom two and ultimately ended up going home.

How did you feel about the season premiere? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

How did the rest of the new episode go?

It was definitely an exciting way to kick off DWTS Season 31. Actress Selma Blair’s performance brought many viewers to tears, including the judges and other contestants.

But sadly, one contestant had to leave at the end of the night. Actor Jason Lewis and his partner Peta Murgatroyd were voted off at the end of the episode.

New episodes of Dancing With The Stars Season 31 air on Disney+ every Monday night. This coming week will be Elvis Night, so don’t forget to tune in and see all the action unfold. The live stream begins at 8 PM eastern time and 5 PM pacific time. Fans will be able to rewatch it as many times as they please on the platform. Sadly though, it does not appear as if DWTS will put performances on YouTube at all this year.

Who are you hoping will win it all? Leave your comments below and stay tuned for more stories like this one.


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