‘DWTS’ Fans ROAST Tyra Banks For Epic Elimination Screw-Up

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If you’re confused by the last minute of Dancing With The Stars, you’re not alone. Fans flooded social media with confusion and derision over Tyra Banks’ screw-up. To make matters worse, Tyra then shifted the blame to “the control room” for the error. What happened? 

Tyra Banks Calls the Wrong Contestant ‘Safe’ 

The Monday, October 5, episode of DWTS went off without a hitch.. Until it came completely off the rails in the final minutes. Earlier in the evening, the judges’ handed out 8s like they were candy. One star even got the season’s first 10!

But what everyone will be talking about tomorrow is those last awkward, uncomfortable moments. 

As viewers know, host Tyra Banks announces the names of the celebrities safe from elimination. The names are announced “in no particular order,” but somehow, Tyra called the WRONG name safe.

Cheer coach Monica Aldama was called safe and happily ran off stage. The elimination continued as planned until Tyra abruptly stopped it. She said that there was a “technical error.” She went on to call Monica back to the dance floor and send everyone else off, except for Anne Heche. Anne was the other DWTS contestant in the bottom two. 

Tyra then said that she only reads the names from the cards. She went on to blame “the control room” for the screw-up. Fans are NOT happy about Tyra shifting the blame. As you can imagine, they name one person who never screwed-up on live TV: Tom Bergeron. 

Tom was unceremoniously fired as host of DWTS weeks before the September Season 29 premiere. Fans routinely criticize Tyra’s hosting abilities. Some of their complaints include how much talking she does about herself. One Twitter user thinks Tyra should “shut up, man” so that she doesn’t have to rush the judges.

Who Ultimately Went Home? (Spoilers!)

Monica Aldama and Anne Heche landed in the bottom two this week. Monica actually got high praise for her performance, which made fans question how she got in the bottom.

Ultimately, Anne Heche went home while Monica is safe to dance another week. It was definitely an unforgettable DWTS elimination. 

Fans Drag Tyra’s Mid-Show Outfit Change

Midway through the October 5th episode, Tyra had a wardrobe change that had many people adjusting their TV. She went from wearing a beautiful gown to a dress out of The Hunger Games. 

One fan suggested that Tyra fire her stylist. 

Fans have been highly critical of Tyra treating the ballroom like a runway. Her mid-show wardrobe changes are not going over well with fans. Especially when her outfits take the focus away from the dancing! 

What did you think about Tyra not taking responsibility for the screw-up? Scroll down to the comment section and leave us your thoughts. Be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest TV news.

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