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‘Teen Mom’ MacKenzie McKee Gives Surprising Hurricane Update

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MacKenzie McKee from MTV’s Teen Mom gave her fans an update following Hurricane Ian. The hurricane, which caused a lot of damage in Florida, was predicted to hit her home in Tampa. Many of her followers were concerned. Now, MacKenzie has provided everyone with an update, but some people are scratching their heads about the post. Keep reading to see why.

‘No Damage And Power On’ After Hurricane Ian

After the hurricane hit, MacKenzie took to her Instagram to post a photo with her living room in the background. The Teen Mom alum wrote over the photo that it was a good day to deep clean. She verified that she and her family were all safe. In fact, there was no damage to their property and they had power. On top of providing an update on how she was doing, MacKenzie also offered help to other people in the area.

Teen Mom MacKenzie McKee provides Hurricane Ian update - Instagram Stories/MacKenzie McKee

Credit: Instagram Stories/MacKenzie McKee

Shortly after that, she shared a video of her children and their friends playing outside. The clip shows hurricane shutters on the ground, assumed to be taken off of MacKenzie’s home following the storm.

She said, “Just some after-storm kids just chillin’ in my yard” and panned to her oldest, Gannon. MacKenzie then asks her son to repeat something he said earlier that has a few people cringing.

“Gannon, what did you do earlier? What’d you say?” MacKenzie can be heard asking her son in the video. Without hesitation he replied to his mother saying, “I said, my mom – if she was built with a skinny waist like Selena – she’d pay five bucks for a good many to come smack it.”

Gannon, son of Teen Mom MacKenzie McKee - Instagram Stories/MacKenzie McKee

Credit: Instagram Stories/MacKenzie McKee

He proceeded to slap his own behind and say, “And she’d go, ‘Smack it, boys!'” MacKenzie can be heard laughing in the background, but few of her followers weren’t amused by her hurricane content.

Teen Mom MacKenzie McKee Receives Backlash On TikTok

During the storm, MacKenzie was posting to TikTok and other social media platforms. Many fans slammed her online after she posted a video of herself standing outside in the middle of the hurricane.

Teen Mom MacKenzie McKee outside in the rain during Hurricane Ian on TikTok - Instagram/MacKenzie McKee

Credit: Instagram/MacKenzie McKee

In the video in question, the former Teen Mom star stood outside in a sport bras and pink sweatpants as the wind and rain whipped around her body. “I came in here after seeing a story on the news this morning to see if she’s alright, considering how dumb she is.. and here we are,” one person commented. Many other people pleaded with her to use her common sense and stay inside.

This is not the first time MacKenzie McKee has done something that she’s received backlash for either. Teen Mom fans are always ready to call her out. What do you think about her latest actions? Are you surprised? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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