‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Has Fans Concerned After Recent Comments

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Mackenzie McKee has not had it easy the past couple of years. She recently made a comment that has all her Teen Mom fans worried.

Mackenzie posted a cryptic tweet that admitted she was struggling to get her life together. This followed a previous comment that had fans concerned they were seeing “red flags” from the reality TV star.

Mackenzie McKee struggling to get life together

Mackenzie McKee took to Twitter and made a cryptic post that worried her fans. In the tweet, Mackenzie wrote, “I hope I can get my life together tomorrow because today was not it.” This concerned some of her fans. One commented that she should “Go at your own pace. Healing takes time. Don’t rush things. It’s not a race.” Another commented, “You were put into adulthood at a young age – relax, you’re doing great.”

The tweet was more concerning because the week before, Mackenzie posted that “Sister and Her husband drove 18 hours to see me and check on me … I have the best people in my corner.” This seemed to be concerning, as Mackenzie has struggled a lot lately and needs her loved ones’ support.

Mackenzie McKee from Teen Mom

What happened to Mackenzie after Teen Mom?

The biggest change in Mackenzie McKee’s life came this year when she announced her split from her husband Josh. They had been together for 12 years and have three children together. It was unclear what happened, but Josh tried to remain diplomatic, posting, “Sometimes things work and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out” in a now-deleted Instagram post.

However, Mackenzie posted something a little harsher, writing, “Goodbye 12 years of toxic pain. Hello unleashed Mackenzie.” Clearly, the split was something that was a long time coming for Mackenzie.

She also lost her business. When she and Josh moved to Florida, she opened her own tanning salon. However, the salon, which opened in February 2022, shut down just six months later in August. This also came after she and Josh bought a $535,000 home in Florida.

Finally, Mackenzie McKee is no longer part of the Teen Mom franchise.

“Recovering from a death, marriage problems, and what MTV and the OGS did to me back to back has been a rough go honestly,” she tweeted in May. Mackenzie and Kailyn Lowry, who recently faced legal problems, were the only two not appearing on the show. This came after Mackenzie and Cheyenne had an online feud. Cheyenne said Mackenzie was a “bully” and also said she was “ignorant” for using racial slurs on Twitter. According to Mackenzie, all she said was that Kamala Harris was a “colored woman” and she ended up banned from coming on the reunion show because Cheyenne now hates her.

Seems like Mackenzie just needs a break.

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