Adult Swim’s New Horror Anime Just In Time For Halloween

Adult Swim Housing Complex C YouTube

Adult Swim’s upcoming horror anime series Housing Complex C premieres with the start of the spooky season. In order to build anticipation among fans, the cable channel released a fresh trailer with a release date. For years, Adult Swim has been the house of popular anime movies and series. However, it is only recently that the channel has dived into original work.

Housing Complex C Isn’t Adult Swim’s First Original Anime

The very first Adult Swim original anime series was released in Fall 2021 entitled Fena: Pirate Princess. Although the makers didn’t publicize their upcoming work a lot, they did reveal an updated premiere date for the series this month. As per Crunchyroll, the trailer revealed that the series is slated to premiere on October 2, 2022. The series is being co-produced by Production I.G., the team that is popular for some amazing anime series such as Attack On Titan, Vinland Saga, and Psycho-Pass.

Fena: Pirate Princess YouTube Adult Swim

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As per the details acquired from the trailer, the story trails the central character, Kimi, who is a young girl living in a small housing complex. However, it isn’t an ordinary apartment block as several gruesome situations start surfacing right around Kimi. After the series premieres on Adult Swim, it will be available for viewers on HBO Max the very next day.

Adult Swim Pushing Out New Anime Content To Push Back Competition

Currently, the anime world in the United States or North America per se is dominated by Netflix and Crunchyroll. However, Adult Swim is also expanding its anime content given how the fandom is craving more original content.

Adult Swim Housing Complex C YouTube

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Although the cable channel was one of the primary sources in the U.S. for anime fans, it has now been pushed away by other streaming services. However, the channel is now ready to bounce back and claim its righteous place as the source for original anime in the country.

Is Housing Complex C Worth The Hype?

Although a horror anime series is something new for Adult Swim, the trailer doesn’t seem to promise a lot and lacks depth and originality. To be fair, it is only the second original work by the channel. So, it might give way to better options in the future. Of course, it is too soon to judge the series’ tone just by the trailer. Fans will soon get to know if the trailer didn’t do justice to the series as a whole when it premieres on October 2. The series will air episodes every Sunday throughout October.

Adult Swim Housing Complex C YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Written by Amphibian and directed by Yuji Nara, this series will have a total of 4 episodes. It is licensed by Warner Bros. Television, so it won’t be available on Crunchyroll.

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