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‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6 Trailer Teases A Major Spoiler

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Season 5 of Rick And Morty ended on September 5, 2021. Evil Morty opened his yellow portal and entered a seemingly unknown world. This yellow portal was different from the ones used by Rick. It hinted that Evil Morty might have been emancipated from his grandfather. Although the season didn’t reveal much about this wicked character, the upcoming season might revolve around him.

Finally, the show will make its return to Adult Swim next month, and the highly anticipated series’ first trailer was released recently. The trailer teases more canon coming in with Season 6. Although the show did joke about it in the past, it all changed in the final episodes of Season 5 as it revealed a key storyline from Rick’s past.

Rick And Morty Season 5 Explores The Central Finite Curve

As seen so far in the series, Ricks are the smartest beings in all of the multiverse. But, how is it that there is no universe where anyone else from the family is just as smart or even smarter?

Rick And Morty YouTube

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If the world is really infinite, there sure would be a dimension where Jerry, Beth, or even Morty is the smartest one. As it turns out, Rick’s ensured they were the only geniuses in any possible universe.

As Per Comic Book, Ricks tend to use the concept of the ‘Central Finite Curve’ to ensure they are the smartest creature in their reality. But, what exactly is this ‘Central Finite Curve’? The citadel of Ricks walled off their own set of realities from others that might possibly reveal they aren’t the only geniuses in the infinite universe. This allows them to use the universe as their own playground.

Rick And Morty YouTube

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The only problem here is Doofus Rick. How did he sneak into the realm? Well, that is something the makers are yet to reveal.

Where Is Evil Morty From?

Talking about the Evil Morty storyline, it was initially teased as a one-off joke in Season 1. However, with the end of Season 6, he is now a major twist in the Rick And Morty universe. It seems like Evil Morty wishes to break free from Rick’s Central Finite Curve. He doesn’t wish to live in a compilation of curated universes where his grandfather Rick Sanchez always wins.

Rick And Morty YouTube

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As of now, it is unclear where this wicked version of Morty comes from. Is it possible that he comes from a dimension beyond the Central Finite Curve universes with smart Mortys? Ultimately, the finale does reveal Evil Morty destroying Rick’s grand scheme as he blows up the Central Finite Curve and heads to a whole new universe.

From the trailer, it seems like Season 6 will explore more of the infinite universes beyond the Central Finite Curve. It might also delve into instances where Rick is challenged by Evil Morty.

Do you think Rick and Morty Season 6 will be all about Evil Morty? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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