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‘Today’ Willie Geist Apologizes After ‘9/11’ Snafu

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Today Show host Willie Geist is apologizing after his 9/11 snafu. Fans were furious with him after he aired an interview with supermodel Gigi Hadid on 21st anniversary of the tragic event. Read on to see more about the recent backlash and why he’s apologizing to viewers now.

Today Show host airs “embarrassing” segment

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, Willie Geist started off the morning show with his interview with Gigi Hadid. She was on the Today Show to talk about her new clothing line, which includes luxury items such as cashmere sweaters. Some fans joked that Willie looked bored during the interview.

Others were downright outraged. The 47-year-old anchor interviewed the 27-year-old model amid New York Fashion Week, which also fell on the anniversary of 9/11. When the Today Show took to Twitter to share a photo of the two talking on the couch, their fans had to express their frustrations. They called out the host for the “embarrassing” segment.

“What made the SUNDAY TODAY 9/11/22 show run a piece on Gigi Hadid????!!!! I guess nothing says ‘remembrance’ of one of the most significant events in US history like Ms. Hadid’s views of cashmere shorts. Great call, whoever decided this was a good idea,” one fan wrote.

“It’s so embarrassing! Whoever decided to run that segment should be fired, or Willie himself even for agreeing to deliver it,” another fan added.

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However, the Today Show did air two segments about 9/11. Those segments took place after the interview with Gigi Hadid. The Today Show was already under fire for another mistake it made when it came to the official titles of the British Royal Family. Fans were upset when the hosts referred to the Princess of Wales simply as Kate Middleton.

Why is Willie Geist apologizing now?

Just weeks after both of these mistakes, Willie Geist is apologizing to fans. The NBC News anchor admitted that he “slipped up” and “got it wrong.” It’s not what you think. Willie corrected himself after a slip-up he had during a live broadcast. One fan corrected him for the mistake he made.

The viewer noticed that Willie Geist incorrectly pronounced Texas’ Bexar County with two syllables instead of one. The user took to Twitter to mention it.

Willie Geist accepted his mistake like a gentleman. He admitted that he goofed up with the pronunciation. However, he politely informed the viewer that he “said it right” before making the blunder.

“Yes. I know. Said it right all morning and then slipped on one. Apologies,” he responded.

Other fans defended Willie Geist for his mistake. Some natives of Texas said they understood and that it was common. What are your thoughts on Willie’s apology? Sound off below in the comment section.

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