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‘Shadow House’ Season 2, Episode 10: Eng Dub Release Date?

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At the conclusion of a dramatic and intense Episode 9, anime fans were pretty disappointed to find out the Eng Dub version of Shadow House Season 2, Episode 10 was unavailable on Funimation or Crunchyroll. A quick scroll through the library reveals that both Episode 10 and Episode 11 of Season 2 are in the streaming library. Presently, however, only the original Japanese version with Eng Sub is available for streaming. So, those who have streamed Shadow House this far in Eng Dub, may not be too keen on converting to Japanese audio just to watch Episodes 10 and 11.

This leaves fans of the dramatic and romantic horror series with one simple question: Does the Eng Dub version of Shadow House Season 2, Episode 10 have a release date yet? Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up.

Shadow House - YouTube
Shadow House – YouTube

Shadow House Season 2, Episode 10: Eng Dub Release Date?

Episode 9 titled “The Last Lessons” got pretty dramatic and intense. Kate, Emilico, John, and Shaun met with Master Robe because they had finally uncovered who was hiding under the robe. Shockingly, MaryRose and Rosemary were the culprits behind the chaos. The reason for the chaos? They knew the truth. And, MaryRose refused to say goodbye to Rosemary. MaryRose, however, couldn’t risk Kate and John blowing her secret. So, she attacked Shaun and Emilico before chasing after John and Kate.

Shadow House - YouTube
Shadow House – YouTube

Are Shaun and Emilico alright? Can John and Kate find a way to stop MaryRose and Rosemary from hurting more people? Fans of Shadow House are hoping to get answers to these questions as there are just a couple of episodes left in Season 2 of the series.

Now, it is pretty typical for the Eng Sub version of an episode to drop first into a streaming library. The Eng Dub version always comes sometime after. The Eng Sub version of Episode 12 is slated to drop into the streaming library over the weekend. While there is no information to confirm those, most suspect the Eng Dub version of Shadow House Season 2, Episode 10 will drop with it as the Eng Dub version tends to stay about two episodes behind the original.

Unfortunately, Episode 12 is also the Season 2 Finale of Shadow House. Hopefully, however, this means the Eng Dub version of the last few episodes (10, 11, and 12) will be available for streaming over the next few weeks.

Chatter on Twitter bodes well for the popularity of the series as most agree great care was taken in adapting the manga into the anime. With a little luck, fans made see the Eng Dub version of Shadow House Season 2, Episode 10 this weekend.

Have you checked out this series yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more anime news.

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