Does ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4 Eng Dub Have A Hulu Release Date Yet?

Attack on Titan Hulu Release

Fans of Attack on Titan are continuing to wonder if the Eng Dub version of Season 4 has a Hulu release date yet. As we previously reported, the anticipated release date has come and gone without the episodes dropping into the streaming library. Hulu subscribers preferring the Eng Dub version are growing pretty disappointed as they don’t want to subscribe to Funimation just to watch the first half of the Eng Dub version of Season 4.

Attack on Titan fans seek Hulu release update for Season 4 Eng Dub version

The unfortunate truth is some deep diving into Attack on Titan news returns virtually nothing in terms of updates. We know that only Part 1 of Attack on Titan Season 4 is available presently. We know both the original and the Eng Dub versions are available. But, those interested in seeing the Eng Dub version of the first half of Season 4 will have to subscribe to Funimation or Crunchyroll to stream it.

Why hasn’t the Eng Dub version dropped for Hulu subscribers yet?

Hulu picked up the original Eng Sub versions of Attack on Titan one at a time as the episodes aired. So, it is a little strange that none of the Eng Dub episodes for Season 4 have dropped into Hulu just yet. At best, subscribers can speculate Funimation may wait until the second part of the final season kicks off to give Hulu the first half of Season 4. Or, it is possible Hulu might not get the Eng Dub version of Season 4 until the series completely ends and all episodes are available.

In a way, this delay benefits Funimation and Crunchyroll as it forces those who want to see the series into subscribing to their services.

Attack on Titan YouTube

When does the second half of the final season of Attack on Titan premiere?

According to Post Apocalyptic Mediapretty big news about Part 2 of Season 4 broke a few days ago. Now, the tweet was completely in Japanese. But, it has been translated. Turns out, Episode 76 (called Condemnation) is being advertised as premiering THIS Winter. Fans originally suspected we would see Part 2 of Attack on Titan Season 4 in January or December of 2022. But, it sounds like things are gearing up for the final season to return much earlier than expected.

Perhaps this means Hulu could pick up the Eng Dub version of Season 4, Part 1 in December of this year as well.

Attack on Titan YouTube

Are you bummed a Hulu release date hasn’t been confirmed yet? Do you think Hulu subscribers will have to wait until Part 2 concludes as well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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