‘Live With Kelly And Ryan’ Canceled? Hosts Say It’s ‘Closing’

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]

Is Live with Kelly and Ryan canceled? Both of the co-hosts say that the end could be near for their talk show. Read on to learn more and to see what caused the speculation.

Ryan Seacrest & Kelly Ripa joke about the talk show ending

On the latest episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, both hosts joke that the show could be ending soon. Live! has been on the air for nearly 40 years. If the rumors are true, the show could end sooner than expected. For the past few months, fans wondered if the show is doomed to get canceled because of the low ratings.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest joked about the end of the show. The conversation started with the news of a Broadway show closing its doors after 35 years. The long-running show The Phantom of the Opera is closing on Broadway after its run. On Wednesday, September 21, the hosts talked about the shocking news.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
Both of them joked that Live with Kelly and Ryan may have the same fate. They feel that their talk show isn’t too far behind. Ryan admits that Phantom of the Opera had a great run. Kelly Ripa admitted that she’s seen the show live “many, many times.” Both of them are upset to hear the news that it’s closing down.

The American Idol host wanted to know which show was more expensive to produce — Live with Kelly and Ryan or Phantom of the Opera. One crew member in the studio said both shows cost about the same to produce. Ryan said with a sarcastic expression: “And we’re still on!” The crew member asked: “Are we closing?”

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest With Crew Members [YouTube]
Kelly repeated the same question with a laugh. She then added: “We haven’t announced that yet.” Both of the co-hosts moved on to another segment. Meanwhile, fans continue to slam the show for not bringing back its live studio audience. They want to know why it’s the only talk show left without an audience.

Live with Kelly and Ryan continues to get backlash

Fans were also upset with the show for its pre-recorded segments. They wanted to know why the hosts don’t want to tape the show live anymore. Most live shows are back with live audiences. Live with Kelly and Ryan is the only one that hasn’t gone back to its old ways.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
While the show has become a welcoming presence in the morning, fans noticed that the show hasn’t changed any of its ways. This has led to the rumors that this could be the last season. While other talk shows have survived the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Live! hasn’t rolled back its live format. Ryan’s friend made an appearance in the studio, but they still haven’t allowed a studio audience.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Live with Kelly and Ryan is past its prime? Or, do you think it could revive itself? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Keep Ryan and get Kelly Ripa off there. She is such a get in your face toxic person.
    Bring in Ali Wentworth and let her cohost with Ryan.

  2. The show is stale and boring. I’ve been watching since the days of Regis and Kathy Lee.That was the best! Kelly and Ryan both interrupt each other too much. Talk about food too much. The trivia game is stupid…I can’t even watch. And…its almost always pre recorded. They shouldn’t call it Live. I love Ali Wentworth.. she’s the only refreshing part of the show when she’s on.

    1. Yes I agree I get bored 😐 fast and turn the channel. I like Ali Wentworth.
      I did go live b4 Covid- I saw great guests like Bradley Cooper and Matthew M. Also loved it when I first saw the singer who sang Call 📞 me Maybe 🤔 forget her name – it was a long show but that was fun 🤩 and I had to rush to catch a train 🚂

  3. No live audience? Ridiculous!! The show is stale and dated. Kelly seems disinterested & more about her life outside of the show & Ryan should stick to American Idol. Why did they even need that announcer? Seems like a job made up to give another African American work as if they aren’t taking over enough commercials or tv hosting gigs already. Kelly showed her true colors when her ego couldn’t accept Regis leaving or Strahan moving on. Surely there’s better shows to fill that am time slot

  4. I still enjoy the show when I get to watch it, but that is definitely not every day. The show does need to be live and it should include an audience. The games are silly and dated. I disagree with the others about Ali Wentworth. I find her annoying – not Kelly or Ryan. They do need to get their heads back into the show or get out. It’s not too late to bring the show back at this point, but if things aren’t amped up quickly it will be.

  5. Oh, pulleeeze … as long as Michael Gelman is running things around there, Live will be on the air for many years to come. Gelman has a format which has worked for forty years, and if it works there’s no need to fix it!

  6. Kelly is way too thin but talks about
    what she won’t eat and exercising way too much . Not a good role model. Has the body of a 10 year old

  7. I lost interest! Get rid of Kelly. She is so boring and goes on and on about nothing interesting. Both Kelly and Ryan speak too much with Gelman. I have better things to do with my time. Hopefully they will change the format and at that point I will return.

    1. Totally agree. She talks way too much about her family…who cares? So worried about how she looks…which is anorexic. And why does Ryan always have to lean over on the table or counters. Can’t he sit up for an hour?

  8. Kelly and Ryan was the worst show ever they should have kept Michael Strahan he was the best co host since Regis retired Michael Strahan remind me of Regis. Michael Strahan was the only one who brought in big ratings. with Mark the show will get cancelled big time it won’t last but what I think they should do with the show is they should have a dedicated channel on Pluto TV to all the Regis and Michael Strahan episode onlys in my opinion

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