‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ Fans Fed Up With Pre-Recorded Shows

Live With Kelly & Ryan Fans Fed Up With Pre-Recorded Shows [YouTube]

Live With Kelly & Ryan fans are fed up with the pre-recorded shows. They wish that the co-hosts would get it together. TV Shows Ace has kept up with the morning show and its recent episodes. One week, Kelly Ripa will be out, while Ryan Seacrest is out the next week.

It seems like these two can’t make their schedules work. Rumors are swirling that Kelly could leave the talk show lifestyle behind. However, Ryan is also planning some career moves of his own. The show has been airing pre-taped episodes and fans are slamming the co-hosts for “tricking” them with these “fake” broadcasts.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest Fake Episodes [YouTube]

Live With Kelly & Ryan fans speak out about pre-taped shows

Live With Kelly & Ryan fans aren’t happy with the recent episodes. They slammed the co-hosts for tricking them with new episodes. Kelly Ripa promised that they would be back together. However, it’s not in the live format that fans would’ve hoped.

Viewers slammed them for the “fake” broadcasts for the past few weeks. This comes after fans accused the co-hosts of faking bloopers for the sake of ratings. This past week, they witnessed a mix of old and new episodes. The Friday, August 26 episode was a pre-taped broadcast from the “2021 edition of the show’s highly anticipated Halloween extravaganza [with] singer Nick Lachey joining in.”

2021 Halloween Episode [YouTube]
This wasn’t the kind of Live! content that fans were hoping to see. Some Live With Kelly & Ryan viewers were shocked that the show was digging into its archive to give content. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on today’s episode. There was confusion as to why they were watching an episode from last year.

  • “Haven’t watched #KellyandRyan in a long time. WTH is going on with today’s episode?”
  • “The costume-themed plot is interesting, to say the least.”
  • “Please consider renaming the show #KellyandRyan to ‘Previously Recorded’ since that’s all you’re showing and pretending otherwise.”

What happened to the live concept?

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa have been filming new openings from their desk. They will talk about the daily topics before the rest of Live With Kelly & Ryan will air reruns. The co-hosts say the date as if it was a live episode, but it would reveal that some parts of the show were pre-recorded.

Some of the episodes have been cut together with old interviews and new segments. This move has left fans confused. They wondered what happened to the live format of the morning show. Other fans are frustrated with the co-hosts taking breaks from the show.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest Faking Live Shows? [YouTube]
“Anyone else tired of this show always pre-recorded and one or the other not on? Just going to watch something else,” one fan added.

Kelly already took a break from Live With Kelly & Ryan took two weeks off from the show. Yet, she went missing from the talk show once again. Fans have a feeling that she took a longer breaker than assumed. What are your thoughts on the latest episodes of Live With Kelly & Ryan? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Tired of all the per recorded nonsense, seems Kelly has about 3 months off a year if you add it all up, I’ve tuned into another morning show, it use to be a fun show to watch

    1. I agree. I used to really like this show but I think it’s time to move on. I’m so frustrated with these previously recorded shows!

  2. What is going on. I am so tired of the show showing reruns. I wish they would not act like it will be a new show when talk about who will be on the next day. Just be up front and tell us they are reruns.


  4. The show is not good anymore. Kelly can’t seem to talk right, thinks she’s better than Ryan and these breaks she takes. And what is with the reruns? Show needs to move on.

    1. Agree, Should not advertise that it’s live when it’s not. And tired of Kelly thinking it’s her show. I used to like her, not anymore

  5. it’s gone down hill since Regis left. they need to find better co host that will work well with each other. VERY DISAPPOINTED OF PRE RECORDED SHOWS!!!!!

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