‘Live With Kelly And Ryan’ Fans Demand Answers, Why?

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest

Live With Kelly and Ryan fans demand answers. They are not happy with the new season, which premiered earlier this month. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest promised that they would return with new episodes and new interviews.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans aren’t happy with the pre-recorded episodes. They want to know why the co-hosts keep taking breaks from the morning show. The talk show left fans upset after they realized that the latest episodes were pre-recorded once again. Read on to learn why they’re upset with the show once again.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]

Something is missing from the show?

Fans of Live With Kelly and Ryan noticed that something is missing from the show. The show looks the same, but something is off. They want to know why the studio audience hasn’t come back yet. The talk show returned with new episodes this week, but something isn’t quite right.

Fans are upset with Live! once again. It’s been on the air for over 30 years. It returned around Labor Day for the new season. While the hosts were live in the studio, that wasn’t the case for the studio audience. The studio has been empty without them since the COVID pandemic first hit in March 2020.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
Producers moved on from the live audience and format. Instead, they’re filming shows in front of the production team. The hosts interact with the producers, but it feels empty without the laughs and reactions from the audience. Many other talk shows and game shows have welcomed back a studio audience.

Even Jeopardy! is bringing back its live audience for Season 39. Most fans are frustrated because Live With Kelly and Ryan is the only show that hasn’t gone back to this format. Fans want to know why. Some took to Twitter to express their outrage.

  • “Seriously, still no ‘live’ audience…not even remotely?”
  • “Y’all need to get with the program!”
  • “Virtual audience OK but we need ‘live’ back & in studio.”
  • “What I want to know is why does Live with Kelly & Ryan, a talk show with no studio audience, have a DJ?”
Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest Co-Host [YouTube]

Fans call Live With Kelly and Ryan boring

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Live With Kelly and Ryan was voted the most boring talk show by their fans. They’re sick of the lack of passion that’s made it become “boring” and “predictable.” Fans have a feeling that they’re staging scenes and bloopers to boost ratings.

  • Live! is the worst show on the planet and is so boring it almost seems as if they have to fake embarrassing blunders on TV just to keep their tiny audience watching.”
  • Live With Kelly and Ryan has to be the most unseasoned show on television.”
  • “The most boring show on TV.”

Meanwhile, Kelly and Ryan are disappointed with the lack of changes to the set. Ryan wishes they would update the seats that have been there before their time. Kelly shaded the old set and argued that it needed an update. What are your thoughts on Live With Kelly and Ryan? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. A live show is live, not prerecorded! Need people back too! Not the show it once was for sure.Their always interrupting each other and the guests! The show is loosing us!!

  2. I have been a fan for 40 years,but my patience has run thin. No live audience, no live trivia dancer, no more me. It’s so sad to see this is the only show that hasn’t learned how to move on from Covid. The mentality of Live is why New York lost a seat in Congress.

    1. I think it’s weird that they haven’t brought back the “LIVE” audience when every other show has. It seems very selfish & we the TV audience recognize this, if they don’t want to do the show how it was originally was meant to be anymore call it quits and make room for another show.

      1. Have been a fan since Regis and Kelly but this show Needs a Live Audience – hence the name. I totally understand that with the pandemic it came in need for safety, but at this point, I can’t imagine why we don’t have everyone live in the studio each morning. It really makes a difference to the quality of the show in the interest of this fever.

  3. It’s called “LIVE” with Kelly and Ryan but yet no live audience, and they are pre taped an awful lot so maybe it should be called Sometimes Live with Kelly and Ryan. It’s really frustrating, they need a live audience not just for them but us the viewers, we don’t want to hear people who are getting paid to be there to react to them. Please bring your show back to where it used to be, your viewers want a live audience and live shows.

  4. Truly tired of this show! tired of K talking constantly about her looks! And using

    “I” ‼️The paid producer audience lacks
    feeling. Maybe it’s time to end it.

    Surprised guests want to take part.

    Either come back to work or stop

    1. why aren’t there guest. Are they listed as a B program. they don’t need cooki g segments. bring back the guest and the live audience. Also tell her to stop talking about herself all the time.

  5. One of the things on my bucket list has been to get tickets for Live with Kelly and Ryan show. This is the only talk show that has not returned the audience and normal show. So boring to just watch them interact w Gelman and Art. And there’s a lady staff member that has a really irritating laugh. Plus most of their shows are previously recorded. So who are they fooling since they can’t even talk of a current event. I have loved this show forever but am losing interest. Maybe if you can even give the public WHEN it will truly be live again with an audience and NOT always prerecorded.

  6. Definitely needs to be “live” if that’s the name of the show. Definitely need “live” audience back. And DEFINITELY, for sure Kelly needs to stop talking so much, bragging on herself, and MOST of all stop interrupting Ryan and all of the guests. She thinks she knows everything and is annoying.

      1. I think Kelly and Ryan are just waiting for contracts to run out. They are to involved in other projects and are just “checking in” when they do the show. one or the other is usually off doing other things. Time for a change and I have been watching since the show began with Regis years ago.

  7. I unfortunately have to agree with the other comments regarding the lack of a live audience on Kelly and Ryan. I used to love this show and would watch it every morning. I liked the crowds clapping and laughing while interacting with the hosts. With only the production team in the audience, the laughter oftentimes seems forced, like they are, in essence, being paid to laugh (hahaha…) They are constantly interrupting each other and their guests. And the Game wheel seems so unfair – some folks win a $7000 trip and others win $1000 Cuisinart?? Come on, Live, these things can surely be tweaked to bring back the energy of the “Old” Live with Kelly and Ryan!!

  8. it has become a love fest between kelly and ryan and Gelmans loud fake laugh is getting old. I’m over this “live” show.

    1. Absolutely get over yourselves … still scared of Covid after 2+ years….
      They act like their better than everyone else!! Boring!!!!!

  9. Unfortunately the show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, has gone from bad to worse!
    Now they are showing old shows from last year! What’s up? I miss the great shows before all the covid crap! Come on Kelly and Ryan. Do it right again!

    1. I am so tired of pre recorded shows. And I would love to see a live audience again. I have the show recorded every day but usually end up deleting it . Not fun anymore without a live audience. Please get back to shows of old.

  10. I have been watching for years. This past year has been difficult to watch (awkward conversation, no audience interaction). Kelly is annoying and she does not seem to want to be there. I think they should just call it a day and put an end to the show. They aren’t “live” anymore most of the week. Very disappointing.

  11. Not impressed with the new season being pre-recorded all the time. Would like to know why?! May stop watching if the show cannot return to a Live basis. Apparently I am not the only one as well? If the hosts cannot handle the time of day the show is on, maybe time for new hosts?

  12. Deleting my daily recording in agreement with all of the above. The worse is the audacity of pretending. At least be honest.

  13. I agree that the show should be live & not prerecorded so often. I enjoy the camaraderie between Kelly & Ryan & the other cast members on set. Kelly & Ryan obviously have a true affection for one another & that comes thru. BUT they Need a live audience back & Kelly Does interrupt Ryan too often!!

  14. Kelly and Ryan Obviously do not have the time to be “Live” anymore. So sad, if they are not going to really be Live then either rename the show to “Sometimes Maybe Live” or Get me hosts or Close the show!!! And yes, Kelly thinks Way to much of herself!! She has gotten way too big for her skinny pants!!! Please remedy this show immediately because we do love it when done properly!!!

  15. What is the reason for no live audience STILL? Even up here in Canada, the daytime talk shows have small, intimate, masked audiences. Couldn’t K&R have the same?

    1. Exactly. This show lacks any interaction with what is going on in the world. sick of the pre recorded shows. Not a fan anymore. Time to end it.

  16. I have to agree with everyone else, from no audience to Kelly R. constantly talking about her family. When Ryan’s not there the only co-host is Mark C, he’s there constantly ! Why not call it Kelly & Mark ?

  17. I have watched for years! I do enjoy Kelly and Ryan talking with each other but Live definitely needs an audience!
    Why have they not returned? The Covid excuse isn’t working any longer.

  18. The show is boring & lacks originality with producers laughing at what? Where is live
    audience? I get tired of Kelly talking about her family nothing else & Ryan talking about Kelly’s family. Guests stay on for such a short time that you don’t get to know them. I am not watching anymore

  19. Watched since time began:), love the show & Kelly & Ryan. I mean Kelly is Americas little sister. But…, Kelly really hold grudges now publicly & Ryan has become an incessant whiner, sorry sweetie’s. Maybe you’re both burned out. Kelly constantly talking over everyone very loudly, I know she no longer drinks but it reminds of that person at the dinner party that’s had too much? And those ratty old chairs, at least recover them, I mean I could do it with a bit of textile and a staple in gun in about 30 minutes. Again, sorry sweeties- used to watch every day, only turn on occasionally now, like with Ali Wentworth- love her-that was a pretty good interview- thanks to Ali.

  20. Please get back to actual live shows with an actual audience. The hosts for the life of this show have always addressed current events of the day along with the comical banter. That never happens anymore. Ya can’t comment on the daily events when you’re not live cuz you’d look a fool.
    Really seems like Kelly no longer enjoys being there-so many snide remarks. Maybe evolvement is required across the board – behind the camera too. Something needs to happen- used to be a great start to the day. Look, maybe its ABC- I rarely watch GMA anymore either-they actually used to cover the world news. Basically Entertainment Morning.

  21. Agree with everything everyone said. Should be called “Sometimes Live with Kelly and Ryan”. I have watched this show almost from its inception. I know everyone changes with time but it’s not the show I used to look forward to watching each and every morning. Sad. Definitely need the audience back. Wish they would have given an explanation for the change. Show used to be much more diverse and enjoyable. Sorry to admit I don’t think Kelly’s heart is in this anymore. Wish it weren’t so. She’s bright, quick and can adapt to most any circumstance. Guess everything has a beginning and an end.

  22. I cant think of anymore negative things to say about this boring show. Shut it down. put something new in its place. Fans will get over it ( sooner then they think ). To bad they’re not listening to those who matter. Us the viewers !!!

  23. When ever the show is prerecorded I turn it off, this seems to happen almost every week two or three times. Would like to know the reason producers decided not to return to a live audience show. I think Kelly and Ryan have lost interest in the show, and have too many side gigs perhaps this why Ryan is leaving the show.

  24. I always thought that Live with Kelly and Ryan was live each day, similar to SNL, but there is nothing live about the show.

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