‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ Fans Livid Over Pre-Recorded Episode

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The last thing anyone would want from a live telecast is to find out that it is pre-recorded. Well, this is what went down, once again, on Live with Kelly & Ryan. The talk show has upset fans after they discovered that the latest episodes were pre-recorded. Season 33 of Live With Kelly & Ryan premiered on September 7, 2022.

Live With Kelly & Ryan Hosts Celebrate Show’s Five-Year Anniversary

However, its fifth-anniversary special wasn’t what fans expected it to be. Although the entire week had live episodes, the episode that aired on Friday didn’t sit well with fans. As per The Sun, the grand finale of the segment Live’s Favorite Firsts Week wasn’t live at all. The show also featured a segment with Ryan and Kelly that was a look back at all of the host’s best moments through its past five seasons.

Live With Kelly & Ryan YouTube

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The show’s official Instagram page also shared a video of the co-hosts walking out to balloons and a celebration of five years. They were all dressed up and looked ready to welcome viewers for their supposed live audience. However, fans learned that Friday’s broadcast wasn’t live. Rather, it had the word ‘pre-recorded’ in the bottom portion of the screen.

Enraged Fans Ask Makers To Change The Hosts

Viewers seemed raged by the fact as one wrote, “Wow three days live and then back to pre-recorded. Can we get new hosts who are actually live everyday or reruns off Regis and Kathie Lee who were always live?”

“So why is it called Live with Kelly and Ryan if the shows are prerecorded?” questioned another.

Live With Kelly & Ryan YouTube

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A third asked, “Why are most of your shows now prerecorded? It’s really not Live with Kelly and Ryan at all.”

Live With Kelly & Ryan Repeats History With Pre-Recorded Episodes

This isn’t the first time Live With Kelly & Ryan has been bashed by fans for pre-recording an episode. Fans have in the past accused the show of faking episodes. This has led to lots of anger directed toward the show’s hosts Kelly and Ryan.

Back in August, the ABC show aired a mixture of old & new episodes for two weeks straight while Kelly was off on vacation. The August 26 episode of the show was the 2021 edition of the show’s highly anticipated Halloween extravaganza with singer Nick Lachey.

Live With Kelly & Ryan YouTube

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This came as a shocker for fans as the episode didn’t even air on Halloween, but rather during the summer. A fan surprised by this, wrote, “Haven’t watched Kelly and Ryan in a long time. What is going on with todays episode?”

Another blasted, “Please consider renaming the show Kelly and Ryan to ‘Previously Recorded’ since that’s all your showing and pretending otherwise.”

“Anyone else tired of this show always pre-recorded and one or the other not on,” wrote a third fan.

What do you think of Live With Kelly & Ryan airing pre-recorded episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. I have always liked this show because of the interesting guests that come on and how they show the audience a side of them you always don’t see in public. The stories they tell can be uplifting and together Kelly and Ryan can put the viewer in a happier mood for the day. The world news can sometimes be so depressing and this show brightens your day and makes you realize that their are good people around us who care about others and make their lives better. Anyway, I am fan of the show and don’t see the big deal about the prerecorded episodes.

    1. The absence of the “Main” host is ridiculous. Programs are “previously recorded more and more. SHE’s not that good and is full of herself. Thank God for Ryan. Enjoy the show when she’s on vacation and there are guest hosts. This show definitely needs a make-over with those who will be there LIVE!!!!!

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