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Ryan Seacrest Says Execs Favor Kelly Ripa Over Him?

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Ryan Seacrest suggested that execs favor Kelly Ripa over him. He called her out for making decisions behind his back. The American Idol host talked about their working relationship in a recent broadcast. Kelly just sat there with a smile on her face.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of Live With Kelly and Ryan, the co-hosts talked about making decisions behind the scenes. Most of the decision-making process takes place behind each other’s backs. Ryan admitted that the changes require a discussion between the show’s executives and the co-hosts.

He admitted that Kelly made a decision behind his back. Read on to learn more.

Ryan Seacrest & Kelly Ripa [Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest called out Kelly Ripa live on air

Ryan Seacrest talked about the upcoming changes taking place on Live With Kelly and Ryan. He said that most of them require a conversation. Sometimes the hosts will take the decisions to one another or the executive. In this case, Kelly Ripa made a decision without informing Ryan. Even though he was involved in the decision, she was the one who had the final say.

“It is a new season around here because big, important meetings are happening, big decisions are being made,” Ryan Seacrest explained. “Critical decisions.”

He shared a story about when executive Art Moore talked to him about some of those changes. Art asked Ryan about his thoughts about the Christmas mugs. He wanted to know which “pattern and color” he liked the most. Art let it slip on which design Kelly approved.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
“I said, ‘Well, I don’t even need to make a decision if you’ve already been in her dressing room, for the meeting, to make the decision, why are you ‘running it’ by me?” Ryan Seacrest said while using air quotes when saying the word “running.”

The television host felt like he didn’t have any say. He figured the execs don’t care about his opinion on final decisions. Ryan got the impression that Kelly had the final say.

“I realized that after one has met with you, they’re just kind of courtesy running it by me,” Ryan Seacrest explained. “It wasn’t like he really wanted my opinion of it.”

However, Kelly claims that she includes Ryan in every decision. She claims that she “spoke on behalf of Ryan.” Kelly sat there with a smile on her face, knowing she was wrong.

Former AMC star “rude” to Live co-host?

This comes after he worried that Kelly held a grudge against him. Everyone remembers the way that Kelly treated Michael Strahan before he left Live! Even though she likes to call the shots, the former NFL player made the decision to leave the show. Kelly didn’t like to be the last one to know, so she took a break and had the final say.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
Fans previously called out Kelly for being “rude” to Ryan Seacrest. Some viewers said they had enough of the way she treats him, even if they’re close friends. One Twitter user begged Ryan to ask his colleague to “stop interrupting” him every time he talked. They wish Kelly would give him the final say in conversation and in every decision.

What are your thoughts? Does this surprise you that Kelly has more say than Ryan? Do you think she should include his input? Sound off below in the comment section.

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