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What Is Going On With Tiffany Bates’ Instagram Activity?

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Bringing Up Bates fans have spotted some strange activity on Tiffany Bates’ Instagram page. Several recent actions have fans talking online and they are now trying to figure out what might be happening. So, what is going on with Tiffany’s Instagram page, and what do fans think of it all?

Tiffany Bates puzzles fans with her Instagram activity.

As we previously reported, Bringing Up Bates fans noticed that Tiffany unfollowed many people on Instagram.  Specifically, fans found that she had unfollowed every member of the Bates family, except for her husband, Lawson. She was previously following Lawson’s siblings and parents and often commented on their posts or liked their photos and videos.

Tiffany Bates Instagram,

It’s unclear why she did this, and some fans thought it could be a hint that something big is going on behind the scenes. Some fans said that it seemed like she was feuding with her in-laws, while others speculated it had something to do with the upcoming IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles) documentary.

Below, you can see Tiffany’s Instagram following count as of Sunday. But this has already changed.

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Bringing Up Bates fans spot another strange change.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans pointed out that Tiffany is following even fewer people now. On Sunday, she was following 46 people and on Tuesday, she was following just five. Many find this odd and are trying to figure out what might be happening here.

One fan commented, “I’m guessing this will become her public page for work/influencer and she will have a private page for family & friends. Many of the Duggars & Bates have private pages.”

Another thinks that Tiffany is unfollowing everyone, just like Erin Bates Paine recently did. It’s unclear why Erin did so, but maybe Tiffany thought it was a good idea, too.

Below, you can see Tiffany Bates’ Instagram following as of Tuesday, September 20. She is following just five people, which includes her brother, her dad, and her husband, Lawson Bates. She also follows Lawson’s dog, Duke, and his horse, who each have their own Instagram pages.

Tiffany Bates Instagram,

Fans will be watching closely to see what happens next with Tiffany Bates’ Instagram following. As shown in the screenshot above, many members of the Bates family still follow her.

So, what do you think is going on with Tiffany Bates’ Instagram page? Do you think it’s odd that she unfollowed so many people? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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