‘The Bachelorette’: Aven Jones To Return, Try To Win Back Rachel Recchia

Aven Jones, YouTube

It turns out there is a big twist coming tonight on The Bachelorette 2022 finale as Aven Jones shows back up. It looks like he is going to try and win the heart of Rachel Recchia. These two called it quits whenever he wasn’t ready for an engagement. Rachel made it very clear that was what she was looking for in the end. Spoilers have already revealed that Rachel has split from her final choice Tino Franco. This leaves her single, but nobody knows if she is even open to a relationship right now.

Aven Jones To Return To The Bachelorette 

Reality Steve went to his Twitter tonight to share big news. He says that Aven Jones is returning tonight and will try to get Rachel to give him another chance. Rachel is single as far as anyone knows. That would make it easy for her to take him back and give it another try.

Steve made it pretty clear that he isn’t sure this is going to work out. Fans are going to have to watch After the Final Rose tonight and see exactly what goes down. Rachel and Aven had a pretty rough split, so she may have totally moved on from him now. If she doesn’t know he is there, she might know that Reality Steve leaked the news on his Twitter account.

Rachel Recchia via youtube
Rachel Recchia via youtube

Spoilers For Gabby Windey

It turns out that things end better for Gabby than they did for her friend Rachel. Gabby went on to join Dancing With the Stars. Last night Rachel was in the audience to cheer her on and Gabby made it another week.

As of right now, Gabby is still with her final pick Erich. When spoilers came out, Reality Steve shared saying, “As for Gabby and Erich, they are still together. Nothing new to report there. Whatever drama goes down in Mexico, it’s not like anyone else comes back for her. He’s the only guy left. They work through it and are together today. Now, I did hear a possibility that maybe they didn’t get engaged in Mexico and they just left dating, but I was never able to confirm that.” This could have changed since spoilers came out.

Don’t miss watching the big finale of The Bachelorette 2022 tonight when it airs on ABC. It looks like this is going to be a show you don’t want to skip. It is a three-hour episode.

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