Is ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Recchia With Her Final Rose Winner?

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Listening to Jesse Palmer tell everyone that the ending to The Bachelorette is not what anyone saw coming has everyone talking. It looked like Rachel Recchia was going to get her happily ever after but will she? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Huge spoilers ahead. 

What happens with Rachel Recchia?

Reality Steve shared the scoop about some of the things fans can expect to see go down over the final two weeks of The Bachelorette. As previously spoiled, Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco do get engaged in Mexico. Keep in mind this all happened back in May. As Steve pointed out, this is the longest the show has gone before the final reveal of winners. It has been four months.

So, what is going on with that crazy preview and message from Jesse Palmer last night? According to what Steve has been able to uncover, something happened that led to a huge disagreement between Tino and Rachel during a happy couple visit. Their problems happened after Mexico.

Rachel is seen in the previews saying, “I want an answer for why you did, what you did.”

Rachel Recchia, Youtube
Rachel Recchia, YouTube

Of course, nobody can see Tino but it’s him she’s speaking to according to Steve. There are not a lot of details as to what exactly led them to this point. However, it was noted that at some point Rachel and Tino stopped talking for whatever reason but were still engaged.

Nobody knows the reasons behind their fight just yet. But, Steve did confirm that this disagreement led to the end of their engagement. Tino and Rachel ended their engagement and are no longer together. According to Steve, there will be no reconciliation at the After the Final Rose either. It’s over for them.

Pics that surfaced

An Instagram account, @bachelorwhatever, shared photos found on Reddit that show the Airbnb used for the happy couple visit used by Rachel and Tino. According to the reports, there were loud noise complaints during their stay.

The photos obtained were compared to the photos from the previews which prove that Rachel and Tino’s fight happened after their big finale in Mexico.

@bachelorwhatever Instagram

There will be lots of speculation as to what really went down and hopefully, everyone’s questions will be answered on the live segments of the show.

@bachelorwhatever Instagram

One thing seems to be certain, it seems Jesse is not just trying to get attention with his comments. Even Reality Steve knows there is nothing good about what is about to go down.

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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