‘Sister Wives’ Is It Another Girl Or Boy For Maddie Brown Brush?

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Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram a few days ago to reveal she was going in for an anatomy scan to learn baby #3’s gender. For three days, fans waited and wondered what happened at the anatomy scan. Did the baby cooperate enough for Maddie and Caleb Brush to learn the gender?

Was anything wrong with the baby? Fortunately, Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram an hour ago with the answer. Her post revealed the gender of Brush baby #3. Is Maddie having a baby boy or a baby girl?

Sister Wives fans thought it was a boy

Guessing the gender, most Sister Wives fans believed Maddie Brown Brush was carrying a baby boy. Fans noted that all of her symptoms were similar to their own boy pregnancies. Some fans even argued that the way she was carrying the baby in her stomach looked like a boy pregnancy. A few fans, however, admitted the gender of Brush baby #3 didn’t really matter. They just hoped the baby was healthy.

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Maddie Brush was anxious to learn the gender of baby #3

For Maddie Brown Brush, going to an anatomy scan came with a lot of emotions. The last time she went to an anatomy scan was with Evie K. And, it was at that scan that she learned something was wrong with her baby. Maddie remembered how scared and helpless she felt at the time. She even admitted she wished she could go back in time and give herself a hug at that moment and tell her everything would be alright. So, going into this anatomy scan, she had some understandable anxiety.

Maddie Brown Brush reveals baby #3’s gender

An hour ago, Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram with a video of her children shooting off streamers. For those without enough patience to watch the video, her caption revealed she was carrying a baby girl. So, Evie K. and Axel are going to have a baby sister. Maddie did say they scheduled a follow-up appointment because a few things looked a little small. Overall, however, the scan didn’t reveal anything too concerning.

In the comments, Sister Wives fans were thrilled to learn Maddie and Caleb were expecting a little girl. More importantly, fans were just happy to here that baby Brush #3 was healthy overall.

What do you think about Maddie Brown Brush having a baby girl? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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