Maddie Brown Brush Full Of Anxiety Over Latest Baby Scan

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Heading to an anatomy scan for pregnancy #3, Maddie Brown Brush is overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. For starters, she is excited. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is the moment you get an anatomy scan and find out the gender of the baby you are carrying. Maddie, however, is also filled with anxiety. Furthermore, Maddie is even experiencing a touch of enlightenment. What is causing the mixture of emotions?

Maddie Brown Brush filled with excitement, worry, and enlightenment

The Sister Wives star reminded fans that the last anatomy scan she went to was for Evie. At that scan, she was so excited to learn the gender of baby #2. The excitement was quickly shot down when she was informed her daughter was missing important body parts.

The last anatomy scan I walked into left us with so many questions. I have been feeling a little anxious about this one. Nothing quite like the news that your baby won’t have all her fingers, toes and maybe more to change you excitement of anatomy scans.”

The TLC personality admits she wishes she could go back in time and give herself a hug. Looking back on it now, she realizes she wasted a lot of time worrying about what her daughter’s life would be like.

She continued: “I wish I could go back and huge that mama and tell her that her daughter comes out the womb smiling and a healthy spit fire! All that worry I spent seems so wasted now.”

Maddie Brush and Evie via YouTube
Maddie Brush and Evie via YouTube

Fans admire her courage

In response to her post, one fan noted they admired Maddie Brown Brush’s courage. The fan went on to note Maddie was an inspiration to all parents. “You are an inspiration to many. God knew what family to send your daughter to.”

Another fan chimed in: “Thinking of you today as I too have been in the place of a fun anatomy scan creating all the nerves! God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

Credit: Maddie Brush IG
Credit: Maddie Brush IG

In the comments, some fans expressed confusion as they thought Maddie and Caleb didn’t learn about Evie’s condition until she was born. Maddie responded to the question to clarify she knew Evie was missing fingers and possibly toes. They, however, didn’t know about her condition beyond that until she was born.

Do you understand why Maddie Brown Brush has some anxiety about getting an anatomy scan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.


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