Maddie Brown Brush Gives Clues On Baby #3 Gender?

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Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram with an 18-week pregnancy update that included a baby bump photo and news of the baby’s gender. According to the TLC star, she was headed to the doctor for her anatomy scan. So, as long as the baby cooperated, it was only a matter of time before she knew the gender of baby #3.

“It’s definitely a weird day and a big one! Today is anatomy scan day!” Maddie teased in her Instagram caption.

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Maddie Brush shares 18-week pregnancy update, learns gender?

Maddie Brown Brush included some bullet points with some quick fun facts about how pregnancy with baby #3 was going. She revealed she wasn’t really having issues with cravings thus far into the pregnancy. Maddie, however, really likes tacos at the moment, and “that’s not normal” for her normal food preferences. Fortunately, morning sickness for her third pregnancy hasn’t been unbearable as she described it as “mild.”

Maddie Brown Brush admits the most relieving part of the pregnancy is that she hasn’t had to deal with heartburn. Those who believe in pregnancy superstitions chimed in to tell her that means baby #3 won’t have as much hair as her first two babies.

Overall, Maddie reveals this pregnancy has been very different from her compared to her first two pregnancies. She concluded her post by asking her followers whether they thought she was pregnant with a girl or a boy.

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Sister Wives fans guess the gender of baby #3

Unfortunately, Maddie did not include the gender of baby #3 in her post. Likewise, she hasn’t posted any updates on Instagram with this information. Fans assume she will eventually sell the story of her baby’s gender to a news outlet.

Paedon and Janelle Brown were the first to slide into the comments bursting at the seams with excitement. It was clear both family members couldn’t wait for Maddie’s baby #3 to be born.

Scrolling through the comments, most Sister Wives fans suspected Maddie Brush was pregnant with a baby boy. Some noted the lack of heartburn screamed it was a boy. Others noted the way she was carrying the baby just looked like a boy.


What gender do you think Maddie Brown Brush is carrying? More importantly, when do you think she will share the gender with fans? Let us know your thoughts on this 18-week pregnancy update in the comments down below.

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