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Shocking Details Behind Rachel Recchia, Tino Franco Fight

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Fans of The Bachelorette saw part one of the two-night finale on Tuesday. The three-hour historic final night will air on September 20 on ABC. During the previews for what is to come fans can see Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco arguing. It was a mystery what went down between them. However, Reality Steve was able to gather information from sources and is revealing what really happened. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Reality Steve reveals drama surrounding Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco

Reality Steve went to his podcast and his blog to share shocking details behind the huge fight between Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco. The fight hasn’t been revealed in the finale yet. However, previews show them fighting and the fight obviously occurs outside of Mexico.

In fact, sleuthing fans were able to figure out the house from the previews. It is a house used for a vacation rental and was where Rachel and Tino had a happy couple visit. So, what went down?

Steve shared that Tino and Rachel did get engaged in Mexico. Fans already know he’s the only man left standing. However, after filming wraps up, things get weird.

First of all, recall that Rachel has made it perfectly clear to all her suitors that she is looking for an engagement. According to Steve, sometime after Tino and Rachel left Mexico they began to have a lull in their relationship. They reportedly were not talking much. In fact, Steve compared it to Ross and Rachel on Friends. 

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey via Instagram
Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey via Instagram

What happened?

What led to this lull? Rachel went to Tino and said when she moves to Los Angeles she wants to return the ring he gave her and just date. For some reason that is unknown at this time, Rachel decided she did not want to be engaged to Tino yet.

Tino didn’t want this and was afraid he would lose her if he agreed to it. However, with this awkward period happening in their relationship Tino made a huge mistake.

He went out partying and reportedly kissed another girl. It wasn’t ongoing and it didn’t lead to anything more. Tino was honest and shared all of this with Rachel.

Rachel and Tino via YouTube

This led Rachel to call off their relationship. He broke her trust and while he wanted to work things out she did not. According to Steve, there will be no reconciliation between them on After the Final Rose. 

The big question will no doubt be why Rachel wanted an engagement so bad and then decided she didn’t. That is of course what led to the cheating event occurring.

All of these questions will be answered on Tuesday night on ABC. It sounds like it will be a finale nobody will want to miss. Stay tuned.




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