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‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Recchia Final Rose Spoilers

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The Bachelorette Rachel Recchia has had a hard time during her season. She has faced rejection after rejection and the previews for the remainder of her season show a lot of tears. So, will Rachel give out her final rose to someone or will she leave alone? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 

Rachel Recchia and her journey to the final rose

Rachel Recchia has had a rough go as The Bachelorette. She seems upset a lot which has many fans wondering if she finds her prince charming at all this season. Reality Steve came through and has the final spoilers for Rachel’s season.

It has already been determined who her final four men are. Zach, Tino, Aven and Tyler make it to Rachel’s final four.

Unfortunately, Tyler is sent home after hometown dates. Then, Zach is sent home after fantasy suite dates. This leaves Tino and Aven as the final two men.

Rachel Recchia Via YouTube1
Rachel Recchia Via YouTube

At first, Reality Steve had Zach and Aven mixed up but he has now corrected the mistake.

So, who wins Rachel’s final rose? As it turns out, Rachel does not leave The Bachelorette alone. Rachel chooses Tino. She gives him her final rose and he did reportedly propose to her.

So far all indications are that they are still together today.

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Other things shared by Steve

According to Reality Steve, Zach is seen having a conversation with Jesse. It is after his overnight date and Jesse tells him he needs to tell Rachel the truth. Ultimately, Steve thinks this is Zach eliminating himself. So far there is no confirmation as to why he would make this decision.

Zach and Rachel via YouTube

As for Aven, fans have seen Rachel in his room crying in previews. Steve believes this is her going to see him and sending him home before rose ceremony time. Therefore, it would only leave Tino to appear at the final rose ceremony.

Rachel and Aven via Youtube

As for Steve’s comments about the previews giving away what happens, he means they are misdirecting fans. The previews lead fans to believe both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia leave alone or get dumped. Steve said all the crying in the previews shows him that both women will get their happily ever after.

The Men Tell All special is set to film in Los Angeles on August 11. It will be interesting to see which men get the hot seat.

What do you think about these spoilers? Do you agree Tino wins Rachel’s final rose?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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