‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Abruptly Taken Off Air

Whoopi Goldberg on The View - The View - YouTube/The View

Whoopi Goldberg has been frequently criticized for on-air blunders that she has committed on The View. On Monday, producers cut to commercial, ending an awkward live moment and cutting Whoopi’s final comments short. Was this another mishap on Whoopi’s part or was it purposeful? Keep reading to see why she was abruptly cut off.

Whoopi Goldberg Missing From Friday Episodes

Viewers have noticed that Whoopi Goldberg has been missing from Friday episodes of The View. It was shared that Whoopi is working on another project right now that may be taking up some of her time. Fans of the talk show believe it may be the start of Whoopi phasing herself off the program.

Similar rumors have been circulating about Joy Behar, who has been on the talk show since day one. When the show went live on Monday, fans immediately noticed she was missing. Why Joy was absent from Monday’s show was not revealed, but people have started wondering if she is getting to retire as well.

Joy Behar on The View - The View - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Despite fan theories, both of the long-time talk show hosts have signed on to continue in their roles on The View. Whoopi’s current contract will bring her to the summer of 2025. Joy also has a three-year contract ending in the summer of 2025.

In the past, Whoopi and Joy have been blasted for some of the remarks they’ve made on live television. At times, they have claimed to forget that their microphones were on and made inappropriate comments. Just last week, Whoopi tried to end the show 20 minutes early.

Fans have called for both Whoopi and Joy to resign from their positions. However, despite the addition of two new co-hosts in August, the pair have no plans to leave The View any time soon.

Why The View Cut Whoopi’s Comments Short

On Monday, it seemed that Whoopi was cut off at the very end of the episode. Prior to a segway into her farewell, Whoopi was excitedly talking about officiating a friend’s wedding and lost track of time.

She started to wrap things up by saying, “And all of you are amazing, we want you to have a great day, everybody. Take a little time to enjoy the view. See you…” Then the episode cut to a commercial before she was able to complete her “goodbye” to the audience. It left a few viewers wondering if it was done on purpose.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View - The View - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

From the sound of it, cutting Whoopi’s comments off at the end of the episode wasn’t anything personal. Because the show is filmed live, the commercial break happens automatically to transition into the next program.

It won’t come as any surprise to fans of The View that Whoopi simply wasn’t paying attention to how much time had passed as she was talking. So, the quick and awkward transition to the commercial break was probably her fault.

Season 26 of The View is airing on television now. You can watch new episodes on weekdays at 11 a.m. EST on ABC.

Amanda Blankenship


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          1. Don’t judge all liberals because someone made a judgement about someone or something. Not all liberals are judgmental towards all non-liberals never judge the book by its cover.

          2. Old isn’t bad. Old is just old. Stop judging a person by what his or her birth certificate says. If you must judge, do so based on what a person is and does, not on age, color, religion, weight, sexual orientation.

      1. you’re blind and deaf apparently, when will all people realize the dividing line is not between left and right but between up and down. wake the F up!!

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    2. Please “proof read” your comments before sending. If you can’t, ask someone to do it for you. Your comment is very unclear.

    3. Kris Denholm…I am a very long time “View” listener. Began back in the days when Barbara brought it forward. Have almost always enjoyed the choices
      Brought, and liked some I didn’t think I’d like, as time went by, but ended
      up liking most. I enjoy watching and listening most of the people’s Views.
      Barbara had a great idea, and it’s still relevant,, yeah, Barbara! Thanks!!!

  1. I watch “The View” and I try not miss it.
    It’s the best talk show on TV. You get to hear what people really think.
    The each complement each other.
    It’s real not a lot of phony talk, like kiss, kiss crap.
    It beats the hell out phony Kelly Ripa.

  2. The show died a long time ago. Just let it go! I used to live the show but stopped watching when it became political based. I do not like Joys or Biden’s personality. I tried to tune in now and again but it never changed. So l now don’t bother at all.
    Same with the with the Wendy Williams show. I found her to be narcissistic,I found her to be narcissistic,Judgemental, nasty with her comments,While having her better than thou attitude she was doing the same as many other actors and actresses if not more so I did not like that show and I’m glad it’s going

    1. What are you afraid of people speaking the truth Wendy wasn’t nasty she had a different version from your idea. American is so soft on their feeling that’s life. Everything thing is politcsl

  3. The View is an unethical, lowlife show that exists for the solé purpose of demeaning Republicans and spreading negativity about Trump. Goldberg especially is an uninformed loud mouth that talks over all the co-hosts with her blabbering illiterate false garbage. The show is beyond ridiculous and needs to go.

    1. Completely agree. Quit watching when Joy came back on the show. ABC is really scraping the bottom of the scum barrel with this show.

    2. You mean the way Fox News slams democrats and false news continually. Don’t watch if you don’t like it but I find the View very entertaining with bright women!

      1. AMEN! Thank God, for those women & all Others everywhere for informing Us, about what is going on, instead of US The People, pretending everything’s alright! ( Naysayers, there are over 1000 plus channels & cable carriers, etc., on Ur TV, ROKU & Fire-stick & No 1 has.or is demanding or making U watch anything! And, We know U have rights! And, If WE The People don’t wake up, none of US in America will ever have any rights )! Jenna

        1. I love the view , I watch every show , I am a guy. all you people that say they don’t like the show should move to Russia , putin needs you!!!

    3. We all “Love The View”; thank God for shows & people like the Hosts on The View! ( People, There are over 1000 plus channels on Ur TV, find U something else to watch then). Those who keep commenting against The View, U keep commenting what they don’t like, cause those Hosts telling the truth; And, how do naysayers know what is going on, if they not watching The View)? Cause Ur still watching it, just stay abreast of what is going on & being said! If I was on The View I would say The Truth, Too. The Truth Is What Some People Don’t Want To Hear!

  4. I watch the view wherever I’m at home.Been watching it for years.Anyone who doesn’t like change the station. Everything,is not for everybody . This is a free state. All that other stuff that they show on the airwaves, complain about that.leave the view alone.

  5. Take that show off air all of them they get into over stupid things I’m so tired of them they are full of hate and the only thing I hear is color of people skin that’s crazy put a regular person on there I’m sick of them to say give money why don’t they you pay to much they are all Rich ! Shut it down ! They get away with everything and hurt us poor people !

  6. The name of the show is THE VIEW. It’s their views on whatever topic is chosen. If you want your views known, get on the show yourself. Everybody has their own views on every topic. DUH.
    Either you enjoy it or you don’t. It’s your view. I enjoy it.

  7. This show is looooonnnnnggggg over due for being canceled! Personally, I feel it has contributed to the discord in our country.

  8. the view should’ve been taken off the air like five or six years ago because especially with Whoopi and joy getting to political and highly offensive with some remarks about certain events past and present in the world. they have never practiced impartiality and called different topics down the middle for some time and I personally feel the show is a waste. it has lasted so long because in the beginning it started off fine but not anymore, one of the other reasons it has lasted so long is the one sided views of the producers.

  9. Shows like this thrive and survive on the political divisiveness that is ruining our democracy and freedom of choice. The pendulum swings far left and far right every election cycle and our 2 party political system is overdue for a change that offers more viable candidates to our melting pot that America is founded upon

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