‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Slips-Up During Heated Debate

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The View host Whoopi Goldberg slipped up during a heated debate. She found herself apologizing to one of her co-hosts at the round table. She’s made many blunders on-air during premiere week. On Tuesday, September 6, The View returned for its 26th season this week.

It didn’t come without its share of controversy. Hilary and Chelsea Clinton’s interview had fans up in arms. In the meantime, Whoopi is back to her old ways. She either ended the show early or sent it to a commercial break. There was also one time when she abruptly cut off one of the panelists. Read on to learn more and to see what caused this to happen.

The View Host Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View Season 26 premiere week: Whoopi Goldberg’s bloopers

Whoopi Goldberg made many mistakes during premiere week. However, fans have noticed her goof-ups over the past few months. On Thursday, September 8 of The View, she tried to end the show early. First, she plugged the new series, The Con. Whoopi gave her usual end-of-the-show speech to the viewers. Yet, there were 20 minutes left of the show to go.

“Next, I want to say, you all have been a great audience,” Whoopi Goldberg said as she looked at the camera. “We love that you’re watching. We want you all to have a great day. Take a little– no?”

Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin & Alyssa Farah Griffin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Someone behind the scenes got Whoopi’s attention. They informed her that it wasn’t time to end the show yet. Her co-hosts laughed as they looked at her in confusion. They realized what Whoopi was trying to do.

Her co-host Sunny Hostin said: “We’ve got more show!” Joy Behar chimed in: “We’re not done!” Whoopi didn’t seem to care that there was more to come. She gave up as she said: “Ok, whatever. We’ll be back!” It’s already been a long week for Whoopi Goldberg, which is a relatable feeling for many Americans returning to work and school.

Apologizes to Sara Haines

In that same episode, Whoopi Goldberg cut off Sara Haines. She apologized to her after she realized what she did. Many of their “Hot Topic” segments have been heated. The View host has been slammed by fans for being rude to her fellow co-hosts. Some have even called for Whoopi to retire.

Whoopi Goldberg & Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
The 66-year-old comedian apologized to the 44-year-old after interrupting her during a heavy discussion about Presidential portraits. Later in the discussion, Alyssa Farah Griffin shared her thoughts about President Joe Biden, which had Joy rolling her eyes. Whoopi spoke passionately about seeing many women of color in the White House one day. She thinks women have the ability to “juggle” many tasks at once.

Sara Haines jumped into the conversation. She wanted to add her own opinion as the actress abruptly cut her off. Whoopi realized what she did and then said: “And I just cut you off, sorry.”

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg’s blunders during premiere week? Did you take note of them? Do you think she should retire? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think Whoopi is very capable. No one is perfect. Who hasn’t had a bad week. She has a lot on her mind and she might want to take time off to clear up the issues and relationships she needs to look at… starting with her Cohosts.

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