‘Sister Wives’ What Did Christine Do At Night To Bring In Income?

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A lot was uncovered during the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives. Kody Brown was desperate to keep his third wife Christine from leaving the family. However, she was pleading with him, in a diplomatic manner, to understand why her departure was for the best. Eventually, she pinpointed exactly where the problems in the marriage began. It all started when she was pregnant with Truely and had to take on a night job to bring in income. Yet, the mother of six never actually said what she was doing for work. Now, this job may have been uncovered but what exactly was it? Read on for more details.

A Sister Wives Long Kept Secret

When the series first began in 2010, it seemed that Christine’s sole job was to be a homemaker. She took care of the children and allowed second wife, Janelle to work excessively long days. It appeared Janelle was the big provider for the family but more was uncovered during the Season 17 premiere. Christine told Kody that the last ten to twelve years have been rough but he disputed this. He said that their time in Lehi was beautiful. That was when he and his original three wives all lived under one roof with their children. Then, Christine brought up the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Apparently, when she was pregnant with Truely in 2010, which would be Season 1, Christine had to get a job. She needed to bring in some sort of income so she would work at night. However, she needed help putting her five kids to bed. Her daughter, Aspyn was the one doing all of the nighttime routines but she was really young. Therefore, Christine asked Kody for help with tucking their children in but he declined. This infuriated her. But back to work. Just exactly what was her job? According to Starcasm, Christine was working for the US Census as a partnership assistant.

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Kody and pregnant Christine

What does one do in this position? It is hard to find exact details but it is assumed that Christine did phone surveys and data entry in an office. Her income was not terrible, making $1200/month. So, how exactly was this job uncovered? Bankruptcy papers. Yes, do not forget that the wives not only filed for bankruptcy but received government assistance, as well.

Working Through Hard Times

While Christine was pregnant with Truely, she also filed for bankruptcy. This, too, happened during Season 1 of Sister Wives. On her papers, she had to list where she was working. That is how her actual job position was revealed. It seems like she had a lot on her plate while she was pregnant and sharing her polygamous life with the world. So, it makes so much sense why she would want help from her husband. However, he believed that she always wanted more than what the other wives were getting. To be fair, in 1997, Janelle filed for bankruptcy followed by Meri and Kody in 2005.

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Christine was the last one in 2010 and they apparently all received government assistance. Since Janelle and Christine were technically deemed single parents, they were also able to obtain food stamps. It did not matter that they did have a partner to help out. In the end, as far as Christine was concerned, Kody’s lack of help when she needed it, started the downward spiral. Now, she is living her best life in Utah and there are no signs of her looking back. Plus, she works extremely hard in her MLM business, alongside Janelle and they are thriving.

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