Raiven On What’s Exciting About ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 14

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Alaskan Bush People is coming back for a new season, and this year there will be a lot more of Raiven Brown than ever before.

This includes a look at Bear Brown’s emotional roller coaster after his dad’s death, his proposal, and his wedding with Raiven. Plus, a lost pregnancy in 2021 via miscarriage, and a new pregnancy in 2022 with the couple’s second child. Raiven also revealed what she is most excited about in the new season.

Raiven Brown is excited about Alaskan Bush People new season

When Discovery Channel announced Alaskan Bush People was coming back for a new season, Bear Brown was the first person to respond to the news on social media. Soon, Raiven Brown took to TikTok and answered a fan by saying she would be on Season 14 more than she had ever been on any other season.

Raiven and Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Now, Raiven is giving more of her thoughts on the return of the Brown family to Discovery Channel. She has already said there would be a lot of revelations about their living conditions. Whether she means her and Bear, or the entire family after last year’s major fire destroyed their family home, remains to be seen.

Now, she has taken to Instagram to reveal what she is most excited about when it comes to Season 14 of Alaskan Bush People. She posted a photo of her in her wedding dress while holding River and Bear standing beside her in his red wedding day suit. She captioned the photo, “Tune in to @discoveryplus and @discovery to watch our family make some big changes. This is so exciting for us this season we get the chance to share such a wonderful day with everyone who has supported us along the way!”

Raiven and Bear married in January 2022.

Raiven Brown IG

ABP fans expect to see some Raiven and Bear drama

While Alaskan Bush People fans are excited to see Bear and Raiven Brown’s wedding this season, there is likely to be a lot of drama and heartbreak as well.

For one thing, Raiven suffered a miscarriage in 2021. This probably won’t play out much on the show, but it was an important time in their lives and fans might want to see how it made their love stronger. Plus, they ended up getting engaged and marrying after this tragedy. It would also play a powerful role in the story of their new pregnancy. Raiven’s rainbow baby is their second boy, and he is due at the start of 2023.

Finally, there was Bear Brown’s arrest just a month after their marriage for alleged domestic abuse. However, when he returned home, Raiven ended up pregnant a short time later. Since then, they seem stronger than ever right now.

Are you ready for Alaskan Bush People Season 14? Are you excited to see Raiven Brown and Bear’s wedding? Let us know what you are looking forward to this season in the comments.

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