Michael Strahan Celebrates Huge Moment In His Life

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan has been a fixture of morning talk shows for a decade now. It might be hard for people who only know him from his appearances on Good Morning America and Live! to remember a time where he preferred to destroy people for a living.

However, thanks to some behind the scenes cameras on Sunday, fans were able to see Strahan celebrating a momentous moment when it comes to his first love — professional football.

Michael Strahan gets excited in behind the scenes footage

Before Michael Strahan was an Emmy-winning daytime talk show host, he was one of the best players in NFL history. Strahan played his entire career for the New York Giants and played for 15 seasons before retiring. During that time, he set the NFL single-season record for sacks with 22.5 in 2001, a record that has since been tied but never broken. He also has 141.5 sacks in his career, a great mark for terrorizing quarterbacks from 1993 until he finally left the game in 2007.

This makes the NFL, and specifically, the New York Giants such an important part of his life. He entered the NFL Hall of Fame in 2014 and remains a loyal Giants fan, even when he was working as football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday.


In some behind the scenes camera footage from the New York Giants game against the Tennessee Titans, Michael Strahan showed how big of a fan he still was. The Titans missed a field goal that could have secured them the win and the Giants for another chance. After this, the Giants won in the last seconds of the game and Strahan leapt to his feet and started running in place while yelling in glee. Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson sat beside him and looked on with humor.

“I’ve been waiting a lot of years to get excited about the end of a game for the Giants,” Michael said when the TV camera started rolling again officially. Strahan shared the video on his Twitter account and wrote, “My reaction says it all! Let’s go @Giants!!! That’s how you battle and never give up!!!!! 1-0″

Michael Strahan has been talking football on Good Morning America

It was clear that Michael Strahan was ready for football season to start up again. Earlier this week, Strahan showed off some news clippings about his career in the NFL, and called himself “kind of a big deal.”

Over the last month, fans seem to believe that Strahan hasn’t been nice to many people on Good Morning America. He shut down Robin Roberts with a rude comment that she didn’t seem to take well and also shut down meteorologist Sam Champion a few days before that. However, it seems that Strahan is right at home with his NFL buddies, where he seems at his happiest.

Are you a Michael Strahan fan? What did you think of his celebration after the Giants won? Let us know in the comments below.

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