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‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Leaves Robin Roberts Speechless On-Air

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GMA host Michael Strahan left Robin Roberts speechless. During a live broadcast, he threw shade at his co-anchor. Robin didn’t know what to say. This comes after he shut down meteorologist Sam Champion last week.

Over here on TV Shows Ace, viewers shared their opinions about Michael. There is a large majority who think he’s rude — especially with the way he treated his co-anchors last week. Robin returned to the morning show on Tuesday, September 6.

Soon thereafter, Michael Strahan made a “rude” comment about her on live television. Read on to learn more and to see what sparked it.

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts & George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Michael Strahan throws shade on live TV

In a recent broadcast of Good Morning America, the hosts discussed the Apple Event and the latest photos that were unveiled. Michael told Robin Roberts that she needs a new group of friends. That came after she joked that they all have dinosaur phones. It took place on the Wednesday broadcast when they talked about updates on the old iPhones as well as the new ones.

A woman showed some of those phones to the hosts. She told Robin Roberts that each of them comes with tricks and tips on how to use the new features. This caused Robin to bring up a story about her recent trip to Europe. Robin went with her girlfriend Amber Laign and their friends. She noticed that some of them still have old iPhone that has the home button on them.

GMA Talks iPhones [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“That’s how much they have been hanging on to their iPhones,” Robin Roberts told her co-anchors.

“What? No, they need a new one,” Michael said before adding: “You may need new friends too.”

Robin Roberts looked at him in shock. She was speechless over his shade. The moment lasted for about 20 seconds. Michael and George Stephanopoulos laughed before Michael apologized to her friends on the air and even said “hello” to them.

Robin Roberts is “rested” from her trip

Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America earlier this week. She went on a brief hiatus and returned as promised. On Tuesday, Robin told her followers that she was “rested” and “raring to go” after returning from her trip to Italy and Croatia.

She’s not the only one who’s been away from GMA. Michael Strahan also took a break from the show for several months. However, he didn’t take a break. He was hosting his game show, The $100,000 Pyramid. The reboot of the classic game show airs during the summers.

GMA Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Unlike his co-anchors, Michael Strahan doesn’t get time off. He’s always busy working. Last week, the former  NFL player ran to the bar in his viral video and said that it was “5 o’clock somewhere.”

What are your thoughts on what Michael Strahan said to Robin? Did it shock you as well? Who’s your favorite co-anchor? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Michael Strahan.

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    1. Layla, I am sure that Michael Strahan is devastated about you not caring for him. So many more of us love him and it isn’t that serious.

    2. I’ve watched him be rude to guest he’s interviewing too. He doesn’t add anything to the show, if anything he detracts from it. I only watch Good Morning America if they have a guest I’m interested in seeing and I always hope he isn’t the interviewer.

      1. I watch GMA every morning, and I cringe when Michael Strahan covers the news topics. He can barely pronounce what he is covering. He has a quick whit and is great when he is bantering back and forth, but a newscaster he is not.

    3. Yeah he is full of himself. He has always disrespected black women! Robin did not deserve his arrogant sarcastic condensing comments. He should think first before shooting out gap words!

  1. We all need to “Netflix and Chill!” We are dissecting every little word or phrase making our lives much more stressful! Glad these guys have time off even if it means to work somewhere else! Change of people and our environment maybe good too!

    Enjoy your life!!!! 🥰😍😘

  2. I mean she put her own friends out there. I didn’t think it was rude but I’m sure considering their alledged history of tension she didn’t take it well. She dragged it out with over the top shock & awe.

    1. It’s not that serious. It was about a cell phone. People say that type of stuff all the time. Especially when it comes to iPhone and android users. Much more serious issues in the world.

  3. He can get away with it because hes a man and a Black man on top of that. He is a football star. If he was a women he be fired after the show. Double standard. That was a horrible thing to say to a friend and a coworker.

    1. I was going to say the same thing. Once he was hired I stop watching the show. But the Today show is much better and has a better group of people who seem to really respect each other. Once they let him go who knows maybe I’ll watch it again but as long as he’s on the show it’s not for me. Sarcastic, arrogant, holier than thou attitude…not what I want to see on my morning show.

    1. You can be serious and funny. MS doesn’t know her friends. I just see this as a joke and very lighthearted. I don’t think it was meant to hurt anyone.

    2. I agree. You people need to chill out. They are all friends and it was said jokingly and then he apologized. So many bigger things to get upset about. Get a life.

  4. Who cares about any of these entitled elitists, telling all of us how we should live while their lifestyle only gets better and the masses suffer. Wake up people. These celebrities don’t care about you.

  5. It was a joke. Didn’t land as he intended but still a joke. This is the problem with this country everyone is too sensitive.

    1. Lonnie,
      I agree 100%! People have forgotten how to laugh. A lot of people have gotten to sensitive & feel everything has to be so politically correct. They feel that everything is a personal attack when all it may be is a simple joke. We are all guilty of making little comments or jokes. Suck it up buttercup & address a problem with the person that offended you in a civil way and resolve the issue instead of holding it in and causing tension in the world. Life’s to short to live your life in such drama. You have choices…Enjoy your life & stop to smell the roses.

  6. Who hired this NFL guy and to do what? He’s not even fit for any morning show and last time he was in the kitchen looking to ignorant coz he had no idea what was going on. He disappeared to host another show and was not fired? He needs to be fired,

  7. Robin Roberts said something rude yesterday about people having a button on their IPhone. (And laughing about it) It was sept 8th. After that rude comment from her I decided not to watch GMA in the AM.
    Found a new channel and enjoying my new channel.

  8. I do not like George, he’s a sell out.
    Michael, well… I never did like the over paid NFL hype..
    I guess my fav would have to be Robin. She’s real.

  9. OMG…we’ve all become too sensitive. Michael’s comment actually made me laugh. Can we not tell jokes anymore? I knew immediately when I read the comment that it was a joke. We all give each other a hard time about electronics d sad bd tease if someone doesn’t have the latest and greatest. Or iPhone users tease others for having an android. For gosh sake…it was meant to be funny!!

  10. I used to watch the news just for news. It is more about the anchors and themselves with very little news and that news is filled with their opinions. I don’t pay attention to the news anymore.

  11. I don’t care for roberts. I think she is prejudice against anyone that is not of color. I see the Big Fuss over guests that are NOT white. Everyone was with her when she came out about her preference sexually. WHEN she hade breast Cancer my heart broke for . NOT ANY MORE. White people deserve atta boys also.

  12. Chill out. You all take small comments too seriously. They are all good friends and he said it jokingly and apologized right after. there are much bigger things to get upset about in this world. Get a life

  13. Michael Strahan is an opportunist and a sneak. That he has taken to showing his rudeness is no surprise. He is full of himself and I don’t know why. He’s really not that great.

  14. It was a light hearted comment. I don’t think it was intended to be rude or hurtful. People are too sensitive if that comment bothers them. Get real!

  15. Actions SPEAKS louder than words, Kelly Ripa couldn’t work with his EGO!!! Now here he goes again with his BS thinking he’s the best. Don’t like his aura or him. GMA losing fans bc of Bully Stahan. They better do like Live with Kelly did, let him go if they want to get their ratings back. 🤞🤓😬🤔

  16. I read these remarks and smile just turn the knob and watch something else the world is full of all kind of humans don’t let their behavior spoil your day 🌞

  17. He needs to stick to football and even then he’s been on tv too long. Let’s give the younger guys a chance to have a future. This opinion- ated oldie needs to go.

  18. MS has added 200% to GMA. He’s funny he’s educated and well versed on many subjects ,more so than other morning show hosts on other networks.
    MS is a winner. He deserves to be right where he is!!!

  19. People we all joke around, he understood.He apologized.I get what
    and why. So many speaking negative on Michael.He’s doing a great job. Mike don’t read this negative garbage. Just laugh ….They want
    Your job.. DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM.

  20. Chill out people. It was light hearted banter. He even apologized. They are all close friends. there is so much more in this world to really be upset about. Stop being such serious humorless prudes.

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