‘GMA’ Sam Champion Shut Down By Michael Strahan?

Sam Champion For Eyewitness News ABC [Sam Champion | Instagram]

GMA meteorologist Sam Champion was shut down by Michael Strahan. He called him out for what happened during the latest broadcast. The awkward exchange took place live on television. Viewers shared their thoughts over the heated moment that took place during Thursday’s show.

GMA’s Sam Champion returns

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Sam Champion made his triumphant return to the morning show. He brought good news with him. At the time, he shared that rain was on the way. Fans were happy to get this news and to see their favorite meteorologist back.

The sassy co-anchor made an interesting comment on Thursday’s episode. Cecilia told Sam that she wants GMA to play “Milkshake” by Kelis in an upcoming segment. The ad shows Will Reeve embarking on his dessert tour across the nation. He’s mostly eaten milkshakes during that time.

Sam Champion Starts Milkshakes Campaign [GMA | Twitter]
[GMA | Twitter]
Cecilia wants the popular son to play every time the intro comes on. Sam Champion was on board with the idea. Michael Strahan was against the idea. He wasn’t a fan of the song.

“Hear me out on this, I keep trying to convince our bosses here that we should be playing, ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,'” Cecilia explained.

Sam jumped in and sang: “It’s better than yours.”

Michael Strahan Shuts Down Sam Champion [GMA | Twitter]
[GMA | Twitter]
Cecilia thanked him for his support. He agreed that they should “start a campaign.” He wants to take it to Twitter with the hashtag “#MilkShakesOnGMA.” Michael stood behind Cecilia so that the viewers and Sam could see his reaction. He shook his head.

“Speaking of my boys to the yard, look at what my milkshakes bring,” Cecilia joked as she pointed at Michael.

Michael Strahan shuts down the campaign

Michael knew that Sam Champion really wanted this to happen. He tried to shut down the campaign before it even started. He warned: “Sam Champion, do not champion that she should play that song.”

Sam laughed and said: “I think we were just shut down. And by calmer, wiser heads than us.”

He still holds out hope that “someone sneaks” that song into the segment. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as it was business as usual. The song during the intro was “Hippy Dippy Shake” by The Swinging Blue Jeans. Some fans are defending Sam Champion on Twitter.

  • “Oh come on @michaelstrahan let @CeciliaVega play Milkshake on @GMA.”
  • “@michaelstrahan way have @CeciliaVega back. hard no.”
  • “@michaelstrahan is not the boss of #milkshakes, or of @CeciliaVega & @SamChampion!”

What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of featuring “Milkshakes” by Kelis in the song? Or, do you like the “Hippy Dippy Shake” instead? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Sam Champion.

Chanel Adams


      1. it’s a song that indicates all the boys want to have sex with her and its better so she will teach the jealous girl how to do it. it’s not an appropriate song for the Air. but what’s appropriate these days.

    1. Michael had been attacked on this show as well my Ginger and Robin so let’s not say that this cast ahas not shared in throwing stones.

  1. Michael Strahan needs to stay in his box! In one week he attacked George and now Sam? Sorry but you are not, I repeat Not the favorite on this show! Football head.

  2. I’m a fan of GMA n everyone thst is on it BUT that milk shake song is totally inappropriate to be played on the show

  3. I think Strahan is getting a little to big for his Bridges, why is he looking to get into it with everyone? Even on the game show he is insulting people!

  4. Michael and robin have gotten a little to big for there britches, they are suppose to report the news not give there opinions about what has happened. They are not professional, the only professional one is george and ginger. I don’t watch anymore when Michael and robin are on. I have watched for years and sure do miss the professional news.

  5. On point. Trying to prevent a train wreck with this song playing. Women from al over will shut them down. Just watch the song and it’s video.

    Knowledge is power and will keep you from ruining your career.

  6. Some of the comments made in response to the show were not related to the song but negative remarks toward the two black professionals reporting the news people need to look past color it’s 2022 not 1822

  7. My my my. 1st GMA is not merely a news show, people. 2nd Milkshake isn’t just a song, it’s a song about a woman shaking her breasts to attract admirers. Isn’t that an offensive reminder of the way the culture sees women? Should GMA promote that?

  8. I feel a little racist tone in the remarks here I don’t like what is going on they are spoiling what GMA stands for grow up people!

  9. Too much Strahan-Too much of the time. I’ve been loyal fan of GMA for more than 40 years. Bringing an inexperienced news broadcaster on board like Strahan was the first time I questioned an executive decision.
    Big mistake.

  10. Michael keep doing what your doing! You are the reason why I watch GMA! Love you. And keep being you! Your the STAR keep shining baby!!

  11. It’s getting to be about race guys, sadly. Read what Mike has posted with regards to the meaning of that song. Very degrading! Thought some others might’ve looked it up! Educate yourself! Ignorance is bliss! Welcome back Sam and can everyone please get back to journalism?

  12. I would say No. Why? No one heard about Beyoncé having it on one of her new songs and Kelis was mad. She felt people should call her on the phone. She also said Pharrell Williams stole it. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but, if she didn’t want it on Beyoncé sing, although given credit, then don’t play it there. I love the song, but I wouldnt.

  13. I stopped watching GMA years ago because of Strahan. No matter how much he rubs up against Robin he will never be an effective orator. He is terrible.
    For Strahan, (Orator – A skilled speaker.)

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