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‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Shares Weird Loyalty Post


After being snubbed by his co-host on live TV, Good Morning America host Michael Strahan recently shocked fans with a puzzling admission of being loyal to something unusual. The 50-year-old was recently rejected on-screen by Cedric Antonio Kyles, better known by his stage name, Cedric the Entertainer.

Good Morning America’s Host Michael Strahan Snubbed On-Air

The host has taken charge of presenting The $100,000 Pyramid during which his co-host refused to hang out with the former NFL footballer. During their conversation, Strahan asked Cedric, “Ced, we haven’t hung out in while. After the show tonight we are going to hit it, right?”

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However, Cedric outright denied his co-host by stating, “No, Michael. People don’t know if you hang out with Michael. He’s got such a big personality people never remember that you’re in the room. I’ve been out with him, and people were like ‘o man Michael Strahan…and Ced was there’.”

Although Strahan laughed it off, some fans did question this snub by the co-host. This awkward interaction also inspired several memes.

Michael Reveals A Long-Term Loyalty To His Barber

Yesterday, the football star shared a Twitter video in which he mentioned his barber, Ollie Stancil, who had been cutting his hair for 30 years now. As per The Sun, he also mentioned that he was unsure why he had this ridiculous amount of loyalty to the barbershop.

He captioned the video, “Who else has an absurd amount of loyalty to their barber? 30 years with @cutcreator5, and Idk why LOL… just playin!”

In his video, he said, “Waiting on Ollie (barber of 30 years) to finish his gummy bears.”

“Singing to his wife. Talking that barbershop junk,” he continued.

Michael also provided more details in his cryptic post as he said, “Asking other customers why they come here.”

By the end of his video, the football professional wrote, “Man…I love this place.”

Fans Relate To Michael Strahan’s Twitter Post

His video got more than 5,700 views, and fans could relate to this loyalty post. They shared their own experience tied to their barbers as one fan commented, “19 years with mine..lol.”

“From age 16 to 55…39 years strong, but unfortunately my man Sultan retired at the beginning of Covid times,” chimed in another.

Michael Strahan YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A third person attested to Strahan’s long-standing loyalty to his barber as they wrote, “Wow! I remember going there with you 20 years ago!!”

Strahan recently appeared back on GMA after taking a break for weeks. He was away promoting his Pyramid game show. The TV personality is also the executive producer of the popular medical drama series The Front Line. Finally, his other future plans include launching a men’s underwear line. He also asked fans to help him with design options for this upcoming collection.

What do you think of Strahan’s loyalty post about his barber? Plus, his alleged snub by Cedric? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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