Michael Strahan Speaks Loudly With Body Language After Snub

Michael Strahan Speaks Loudly With Body Language After Snub

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Michael Strahan spoke loudly with his body language. He sent a subtle message to his friend after he got snubbed on-air. Michael is currently away from Good Morning America as he hosts his game show The $100,000 Pyramid. During the latest episode, Cedric the Entertainer gave him the cold shoulder. Read on to learn more.

Cedric the Entertainer snubs Michael Strahan

The moment took place on the latest episode of the ABC game show. Michael Strahan told Cedric the Entertainer that they “haven’t hung out in a while.” He invited him to hang out after the show. The comedian turned him down during the broadcast.

“Ced, we haven’t hung out in a while,” Michael Strahan said with a smile on his face. “After the show tonight we are going to hit it, right?”

“No, Michael,” Cedric said before explaining, “People don’t know if you hang out with Michael, he’s got such a big personality people never remember that you’re in the room. I’ve been out with him and people were like, ‘Oh man, Michael Strahan… and Ced was there.'”

The in-studio audience laughed. Michael joked that he’s “tall with a gap,” which is why people recognize him. He also sent a subtle message. Body language expert Patti Wood told The Sun that Michael spoke loudly during that scene. When he got snubbed by the Neighborhood star, he was clearly hurt. So, he used a “power” stance to convey a message.

“You hear Michael’s nervous laughter in response and see that he tries to gain a sense of power and control by placing his left two steps up and swinging his whole body towards Cedric,” Patti told The Sun. “You will see his [Strahan’s] forward head goes down, his eyes go down…the corners of his lips go down and his eye focus changes all showing he is not just sad but hurt.”

Cedric The Entertainer Snubs Michael Strahan [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Patti shared that Cedric tried to brush him off by saying that he’s a “big personality.” He feels that Michael steals the attention when they go out together. Cedric wants to guard himself but used the joke to share his feelings. Still, Michael was hurt by what he said.

GMA co-host gets trolled by fans

Michael Strahan was also trolled by fans after witnessing that scene. During that moment, they took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Some agree that “everyone in America hates him.” Read some of the harsh words for yourself below:

  • “He hates you Michael and so does everyone in America.”
  • “LOL. Yup sounds as if he did.”

However, other fans defended Michael during that moment. They sent him love and support and said that he’s a great personality.

  • “Love it! Michael, you are a great show host.”
  • “Why he will not hang out with you is because you are better looking than him.”

What are your thoughts on Cedric the Entertainer snubbing Michael Strahan? Would you want to hang out with the GMA co-host? Have you been through a similar situation? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Wow Ced!! Could you have been any colder on national tv? It’s not always what you say but how you say it. If you no longer want to be friends that’s cool.
    I’d like to hang out with Michael because I enjoy meeting new people, talking about their interests, the weather, current events, the last book we read, etc.

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